A Quick Look At How A Share Point Calendar Works

By Adriana Noton

There are various applications in software. One of such is SharePoint calendar. As it is some applications are compatible with certain programs. This particular one can perfectly be used together with Microsoft office and WordPerfect. Different appliances are usually created to enable the use of specific tasks. The experts also built some of them to assist n building others. Due to advancement of the same, there is need for improvement.

New versions are often created to enhance the efficiency. This is very important because it helps to improve the services that are offered with the help of those applications. Businesses and organizations have taken up technology to the stiff completion in the market. This means that they need to have efficient systems for them to comfortably fit in the market. Important statistics need to be stored. The system helps it the storage of such.

It also helps in tracking some of the tasks that a certain group undertook. Some things can be very hard to remember. Things such as dates can be hard keeping in mind especially when one has a lot of things in mind. Its enables to retrieve dates of events that have taken place before. One can create their own account if they wish. All they need is to keenly follow a certain procedure. The calendar can be customized to suite the need of the individual.


Some organizations usually created other calendars in order include all their activities. The service providers know that and they provide an option to build more. The calendars usually have unique displays. None of them has a similar view as the other. Tasks that are kept in the calendars normally show at the top. They show regarding the date and the time that they were entered. When one needs to send attachments to members of a certain group, they can just do it via an email.

It allows an individual to have a look at their web page and make any change that they wish. However this operation is only possible when one is uses compatible program. The purpose of creating the calendar is to help in management of the daily activities. A grid is a feature that is included to help the users browse and access all functions in the calendar. The same feature allows an individual to locate tasks in the past.

Everything that involves the internet needs to be updated. This applies to this as well. It has a special feature that make that possible. Just like in the web pages, people make alterations on the appliance. They change the versions. This can be very irritating, but one can always change it back to the previous versions. Other websites are created by the service providers. They also put up other calendars as alternative options for the customers.

It can be customized very easily. If it is customized without permission, that is illegal. Only when permitted can one do that. It involves changing the features and settings. One is supposed to click on the calendar and change the settings. The title can be changed as well.

The individual is supposed to click on general settings and type the desired title. If they so wish, they can change the description. More functions in the SharePoint calendar can be changed also. Saving is usually the last step.

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How To Send Safety Recalls Exclusively To Selected Vehicle Owners Only?}

Submitted by: Rajesh Sahu

How to Send Safety Recalls Exclusively to Selected Vehicle Owners Only?

Just heard the news that a major car manufacturer has placed a recall notice to 175,000 cars in India to fix defective parts. The majority of the recalls are for brake pad issue, air bag functioning, car heating, etc., which may lead to vehicle damage or affect passenger safety.

Though automobile industry is one of the few industries that rely heavily on outsourced parts or vendors, excellence is always intrinsic while manufacturing a car. Even after doing multiple quality tests, the companies may encounter some issue while installing the materials received from vendors. Most of these issues will show up when the car is on the road. So the companies will realize the issue only when a customer visits the service centre with a problem. This is a major pain for auto industries as the car manufacturers incur a huge expense to rectify the mistakes.

The biggest sufferers are the people who bought the car with defective parts. For many people buying a car is a much-awaited dream and spends many hours in doing personal research before freezing onto a particular car based on inputs from friends and experts too. But, when they heard about the recall in the newspaper, it can be a heartbreaking experience to deal with.


However, many times, all the new cars sold out may not have defect parts. Only particular models may have the issues. In that case, if a company give advertisement with the recall, people who bought a similar brand car may always worry about their car. Moreover, the recalls for a brand new model car may affect the company branding also.

Wouldnt it be nice if there is a solution where only the affected car owners are notified?

Yes. It will be amiable if there is a system where only particular vehicle owners are recalled to service centres to fix the issue instead of giving notice in the newspaper.

So, here we have the best solution for you!

We have designed Autodealrz mobile application to address the pain areas of dealership and customer disconnect. The app enhances the relationship between you and your customer and helps you deal with the issues such as recall, service, etc. on a personal front. Autodealrz mobile app also assists dealership to connect with their customers for New / Used vehicles, Parts, Service & Social Media distribution, etc.

Stay connected with latest dealer information, key technical staff, service, parts, sales and much more

We provide the best mobile solutions to give your brand the cutting edge necessary to enhance your presence, while driving sales, service, retention and revenue through mobile practices.

Our mission is to increase loyalty and revenue with the use of mobile technology.

In short we have placed the dealer in the customers hands.

Very flexible and affordable packages specially designed to meet your requirements. No over head cost only a small monthly fee and we take care of all the hassles.

For More information please visit : http://www.autodealrz.com/

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Shop Online Inglot Beauty Products In India

Shop online Inglot beauty products in India


Aalia Bindal

Every woman who wants to take care and pamper her skin needs to have at least a small collection of beauty products. With people becoming more and more conscious about their beauty, many beauty products companies are abounding everywhere and one such company is Inglot. It is a renowned brand in cosmetics that offers vast array of high quality beauty products. The main aim of this beauty product company is to provide its customers with outstanding personal service with a perfect blend of quality and value. Inglot offers wide range of beauty products like eye makeup, lips cosmetics, face cosmetic, nails enamels and treatment and accessories.

Inglot Company operates over 150 stores in Canada, Poland, Australia, GCC, UK and is further planning to expand in other countries of the world. With the latest internet technology, you can shop for Inglot beauty products online in India. Shopatmajorbrands is a renowned online shopping store where you can shop for beauty products in India. No matter whether you are looking for


Inglot lipstick

, Inglot lip liner, eye liner, mascara or any other beauty products; you will get the desired Inglot beauty product here. You must try Inglot lip liners and Inglot lipsticks as these are the most popular products of Inglot.

If you are kind of person who don t like to starve market to get your beauty products then going online is a perfect option for you. There are many online shopping stores that offer beauty products. Online shopping for beauty products has lots of advantages and the main advantage is that you can surf as many products as you like. All you need to make few clicks to check the collection of beauty products that are available at online store.

Shopping for

Beauty products

online will save you from the hassles of going to a store and sparing your precious time for beauty products. You can choose any of the beauty products at your own pace without the interference of salesman or woman. Online beauty products shopping is considered more convenient as all you need to do is sit in front of your computer and start browsing the internet for beauty products. Online shopping is considered a perfect option for the wise consumer as it helps to reduce transportation costs, less or no sales tax and less pressure to make a purchase as compared to shopping for beauty products in a brick and mortar market.

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Scrap Yard Near Me 5 Considerations For Getting The Most Value From Your Car

First off, you need to know what kind of metal do scrap yards buy?

Scrap yards usually buy metals that are used in industries like automobiles, steel, and other mechanical works. It includes copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, lead, iron, steel, stainless steel, and brass. Still, all junkyards won’t buy everything that comes in their way. They all have certain limitations and areas of business.

There are also scrap yards that buy almost every broken thing that is past its functional lifespan like home appliances, electronic equipment, old cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats & yachts, airplanes, etc. If something can be sold, they’ll be ready to buy it, at their own price.

If you are wondering what they would do with those ‘useless’ things, they tear apart larger appliances and sell useful parts to brokers. Scrap vehicles and their parts may be sold to brokers or to the mechanics in need of spare parts.

This industry is much bigger than what most people think it is. That’s the reason those who deal in it earn lucrative profits over selling broken and malfunctioning goods and articles.

Below are some practical tips that will enable you to get more money off your old car if you decide to sell it to your nearby junkyard for quick cash:

Know The Value Of Your “Old Car”

There is simply no way you can earn top dollar for your scrap car if you don’t have any idea what it’s worth. What seems to you a heap of old rusted metal can be a gold mine to others. So, it’s important to do a bit of study and research and arrive at an educated guess about how much money you can get from your old car. It’s perfectly fine not to know the exact amount. But if you reach the neighborhood of the actual value, you will have enough knowledge to haggle your way to the best deal. Now, the scrap yard dealers are no kids but knowledge will give your power, and knowing the real value of your stuff will prevent you from settling for less.

The best way to find the value of your old car is to browse through the internet and see what people are demanding and offering. For instance, you can search “old sedan car value” or “old car scrap value” and there will be several results for you to sample.

Make sure you go through at least ten search results so that you can end up with consistent information. It won’t take much time but you will be armed with a weapon that will come in handy at the negotiation table.

Check Local Prices

In an area where there are many dealers under a small radius, it’s best to make calls around to check metal prices before taking all the metal (in this case, your old car) to a junkyard. If you don’t know the exact location of a scrap yard, find them by searching online for “metal scrap yard near me” or doing other relevant queries.

Scrap dealers don’t spit out the exact quote for the merchandise but they surely will give you a minimal figure on how much they pay per pound for which kind of metal. When you make calls to several dealers, it will be enough for you to know which one offers the best money.

Here is a pro tip: the size of a scrap yard does not necessarily mean it will give the best value for your old car. Bigger yards are not supposed to be better all the time. You may find a small-time dealer to earn top dollar.

More Scrap Means More Negotiating Power

If it’s possible logistically, try to haul all your scrap to the scrap yard in one trip. Most places do not have any limit of intake per day or month. It means they can take as much as they like until the deal is sweet for them.

Hauling your old car to a junkyard will put you in an advantageous position where you can hustle and make the dealer give up to your demands. If you have some more back at home, let the dealer know. This little trick will get you even more money. Scrap dealers love large volumes because it reduces logistical costs and they could yield more metal in less time. The bottom line is, the more you bring in, the more power you will have to get the best value.

Split Your Metal

It’s best to split your metal according to their value and nature before hauling it all to the scrap yard. If you have metal with some type of casing on it, you should remove it before trying to sell it. It’s important on two fronts.

The first and foremost is that if the dealer had to separate the metals, he’d use this extra work as an excuse to pay you less for your scrap. It’s the general rule of thumb.

The second and more important thing is the variation in the value of different metals. In bulk, a slight difference can yield significant money. Split the metal and negotiate for the price of each kind. That’s the trick.

Get A Truck Or Rent One

Hauling a lot of metal is not an easy task. It surely does not go into little cardboard boxes. If you don’t have a truck to take your old car to a scrap dealer, here is what you can do without sweating much.

Number one is to check around your circle of friends and family and see if someone has a truck and he or she is willing to loan it to you for a day. In return, as a token of goodwill, you can offer to wash it or get the interior vacuumed on your way back to them.

If this does not work out for some reason, you can always look around and rent a truck. Many movers offer regular trucks for hauling goods and articles and the rentals run as low as 20 bucks a day for in-town use.

Beware Of Suspicious Moves

This scrap yard business is not like a modern enterprise procuring articles or raw material and demands a market-oriented price for their goods. There are not many odds to find an honest and trustworthy scrap yard dealer who would be upfront with you and offer you the real value for your old car. Maybe, you already know that. The world we live in, we need to constantly look out for our potential interests in order to materialize them.

No License

Laws and regulations to conduct business in the scrap industry vary from state to state. At the very least, they are obligated by law to secure a license before starting their shop. This is regular permission granted by competent authorities to all kinds of businesses which allows them to operate in an area after fulfilling certain criteria. Usually, there is a fee to be paid to acquire such a license and get registered with the state.

Depending on your state laws and locality, there is a chance that a special scrap metal license had to be issued in order to transact business legally.

To avoid any inconvenience, it’s best to contact your state and find out if any special permit is needed or you can ask the scrap yard dealers to show you all the legal paperwork.

Dealing with illegal business can land you in serious trouble. So, be sure before taking your old car to a scrap yard.


Dishonest and shady scrap dealers will do everything in their power to confuse you. The main motive behind this misdirection is to pay you as little as possible for your metal (or in this case, your old car). If you are having a hard time determining what’s best for you, a scrap dealer is not the right person to ask for guidance, because it will be the surest way to get ripped off.

Another trick that almost all scrap dealers have up their sleeves is to scam you of your precious metal by rushing through the deal. They will try to close the deal without answering any question you might have in your mind. They come off as “take it or leave it” guys and offer an upfront price without telling you why.

A fair dealer will ask you if you have any doubts or second thoughts about your scrap and give all the information you need. He won’t try to rush through the deal and show eagerness of ripping you off. He will offer you a price after discussing the properties of your scrap and explain why he is doing so.

Towing Cost & Quotes

When a scrap dealer provides you a quote for your old car you need to sell, make sure to ask whether the cost of towing is included in the quote or not. A standard practice in the market involves no hidden charges or fees, which means the scrap dealer needs to be upfront and covers the towing fee in the quote. In your own interest, be sure to ask specifically about the inclusion of the towing fee in the quote.

The best way to get a fair deal for your car from a scrap dealer is to call multiple shops and compare prices before hauling your car to a dealer. Honest dealers are mostly fair in their dealings and cover all the expenses in their quotes. You will find many scrap dealers in your area when you search online for “scrap yards near me”. Call a couple of dealers that are at the top of the search results to get the best price for your car.

Shady Tow Truck Drivers

Many big scrap dealers have their own fleet of trucks and other trailers for hassle-free transportation. It helps them in cutting logistical costs. But, not all own their own trucks, and some work in partnership with local independent truckers and pay them a fee for each vehicle they pick up.

A potential scam bell rings when a scrap dealer agrees to pay you a certain amount and you agree to progress the deal. When the tow truck operator shows up at your door, he’d say that your car is pure junk and does not yield what the scrap dealer is offering you. The tow truck dealer may have his eyes set on the difference if you succumb to his coercion.

The other potential way to scam you is when the scrap dealer agrees to get the towing costs from the deal but the tow truck operator asks you to pay him upfront. He might want to get a double-dip or he could be working with the scrap dealer to rip you off.

If you suspect any activity that does not correspond with what you have agreed to do with the scrap dealer, call him right away and clear things out before paying the tow truck operator or handing him your old car.

Title Transfer

Even when a vehicle cannot be driven, you need to transfer the title from your name to the scrap dealer. In addition to this, you need to contact immediately your local department of motor vehicles and cancel the registration. If you carry on with your idea of selling your old vehicle for cash, still, you will be liable for it.

Before the tow truck operator loads up your old car on the flatbed, make sure to remove all your personal effects. It includes registration and tags of your vehicle and other paperwork.

When a scrap dealer offers you that he’ll take care of all the paperwork, steer clear of such claims. Potentially, it could be a setup for a scam where they take your car and then charge for storing your vehicle on their lot. If you resist and try to fight your case, they will send your old car to a collections agency, which will hurt your credit score.

It’s not worth it to take unnecessary risks while selling scrap to a dealer. Before closing the deal, make sure you double-check all the points. To avoid surprises in the future, everything should be done 100% correctly.


Last but not least, don’t take a bow when you are negotiating to sell your old car (or scrap). This is the surest way to get the best price. Never accept what dealers offer you upfront, even if it exceeds your expectations. They are professional hustlers and do bidding for their own interest all day long. Ask for more whenever you think that you are underpaid. This is truer when you have a lot of metal to sell.

There is no guarantee if you will be offered a better price, but it does not cost much to ask for more.

While negotiating, dealers will set traps in your way. To get the best value for your old car, you need to best those traps and get to the top.

Following are certain ways a dealer lure you into accepting an inferior deal:

Read more aboutScrap Yards

Best Breast Massage Steps And Breast Enlargement Technique

Best Breast Massage Steps and Breast Enlargement Technique


Dr. Lee Mikal

In the chest, always women, physical Feminine beauty is a point of concern for a special attention. Needed to recover one side of the breasts, most women wish to express their beautiful breasts – and Gstak firms are symmetric.

Massage in a woman\’s breasts is a practice that has been used for centuries in India and East. Aur Vedic such a practice, a medical system that began in India and is documented in Mroj for ages.

For more information please visit stherbb.us

Chest massage of the chest can be difficult because the tissues are very delicate. However, the proper way and only moderate pressure, with massage of the breast are absolutely secure. Not only does massage make it firmer breasts, even in the healthy and the woman\’s body that aids in maintaining hormonal balance. The process is quite simple.

A woman massages her breasts, but it could happen to anyone. Obviously, this process needs to be baring breasts and so necessary that it should be in a private placement. The woman is lying or sitting, which can massage it more comfortable.


To avoid bruising and discomfort, skin massage oil lubrication is also important. Massage oil massage on the chest of the first phase of the request. Oil on the chest towards the underarm area Srklr movements from the center of the chest to be applied. Take care only light pressure is exerted on the chest.

Chest massage, what next after the chest is involved in the oil. Lifting of the chest to chest with both hands and gently pressing Najk be kneaded. Turn, hold chest with both hands, twisted flesh and very gently wrung.

The third step Swat massage using finger gently with the flat chest should try to remove the fibers. Stroke should watch, and then Gmaa?.

The final step, chest and stroked the meat should be smoothened away toward the center with the direction of the finger. This massage is cooling down phase. When this is done all the steps again on the chest. Receiver should drink plenty of water afterwards.

Asodajnk or even chest massage can be painful. Why is it so important to massage the breasts to look only at least pressure.

Massage into breasts, but to promote their health and is good to give a firm and beautiful performance.

Techniques for Self-Breast Massage

1.It is suggested that breast massage be performed up to three times a week for 2 5 minutes to stimulate hormone secretion from the breasts and ovaries and to prevent toxic build up in the lymph and breast tissue.


2.Apply massage oil: you can purchase these at a health salon or at your local health food shop. Sweet almond and apricot kernel oils are excellent. If you are allergic to nuts, avoid the almond oil. Coconut oil is a light, liquid oil which works very well. Try to avoid scented or mineral based oils.

3.This is also a good time to use your breast enlargement creams and serums

4.Use only a light pressure on the breasts when applying the oil and for massage, as excessive pressure will cause pain and discomfort. You only need the lightest movement, using the palms or flat of the fingertips to flush toxins away from the breast area through the lymphatic system

5.Cup the breasts with your hands and use a light circular motion over the whole of the breast. You can also massage the underneath of the armpit to promote circulation


Breast Enlargement Cream


Breast Firmness


How to Breast Massage

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Helping Families Heal Through Home Care Services In Phoenix

byAlma Abell

Caring for loved ones can be a difficult process. During the final stages of life, the burden on a family can even feel insurmountable. In these times, it has often felt necessary in the past to have the family gathered close by, waiting as time counts down in the hospital room. In many ways, this is as uncomfortable for the patient as it is for the family, and that is why Home Care Services in Phoenix seek to make these transitional periods easier.

Hospice services are not something everyone is familiar with. However, they provide a practical alternative to the hospital setting that allows patients to remain at home until the time comes. Being at home is in many ways less stressful for the family as well as the patients. It can help families cope with the change by letting them know that their loved one feels safe and secure, surrounded by those that they love. For patients, it can help to lessen anxiety and provide them with the familiar surroundings of home. The goal of Home Care Services in Phoenix is to provide patients with a higher quality of life.

The benefits of home care extend well beyond putting families at ease by offering them and their loved ones a familiar environment, though. Professional nurses and physicians work to provide patients with every necessity during the period when hospice is necessary. Medications are able to be administered by trained practitioners who come into the home. Nurses can also help guide family members through the many stages of care that come up during hospice.

Many programs also provide families with resources for the spiritual well-being of their loved one. Counseling resources are able to help patients, as well as their families come to terms with the end, and grief counseling programs are also made accessible to help families through the time following their loss.

Hospice care is a service that provides families with options outside of the hospital environment. It helps people not just by providing comfort, but by making the loss of life more natural. Families who go through a home care service program are given a greater sense of privacy and security in a very vulnerable time of their lives. Visit Serenityhospiceaz.com for more details.

Doortique Abs Security Cylinders

Doortique ABS Security Cylinders


Luke Wildman

The main methods of entry are cylinder snapping, cylinder bumping ,and screw pulling. At Doortique we constantly monitor the products available and combining this with our combined knowledge of over 40 years in the industry we feel we are well placed to recommend what we believe to be the best products currently available. we believe at the moment the ultimate cylinder available is the Avocet ABS Cylinder The new Avocet ABS Snap secure cylinder offers the highest level of door lock security required. The Avocet ABS snap secure cylinder has BSI British Standards Institution Kitemark accreditation it is approved by Secured By Design SBD and it has a unique patented technology which makes the Avocet ABS snap secure cylinder impenetrable by snapping.

The Avocet ABS Snap secure cylinder cannot be forced open as it is designed to make the operating cam lock in position this makes sure the door remains secure, an opportunist thief may still snap the cylinder and remove the external part however the internal part of the ABS cylinder will remain locked and secure the Avocet ABS snap secure product operates exactly as it should and can still be operated from the inside whilst keeping the intruder out. the Avocet ABS snap secure cylinder is easy to retrofit and at Doortique we have a measuring sheet which can be downloaded from www.doortique.com explaining how to accurately measure your existing insecure cylinder and you can then either order your new Avocet ABS secure cylinder online at extremely competitive prices or collect from our Huddersfield outlet.


When you fit your new Avocet ABS snap secure cylinder the manufacturer recommends you do not need any other extra security measures like PAS 24 security door handles at Doortique we believe that it is better to fit security handles manufactured by either Hoppe or Mila as this extra security demonstrates to the opportunist burglar that your property has been fitted with maximum security and the sheer sight of a Hoppe or Mila pas 24 Security handle will act as a physical deterrent in the eyes of the opportunist burglar.

There are many different Door handles fitted to pvcu timber and composite doors so to offer help in deciding if your door can be upgraded and have a security handle fitted Doortique has an online form which can be downloaded from www.doortique.com at Doortique we will offer honest advice on the best products available and at this moment in time we are convinced that a combination of the Avocet ABS snap secure cylinder with either the Hoppe pas 24 Security handle or the Mila pas 24 Evolution security handle is the best combination currently available

Please contact Doortique if you require any other information regarding the Avocet

ABS snap secure cylinder

or any other additional security products or please view our website at www.doortique.com

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How Can A Structured Settlement Help Manage Short Term Cash Flow Deficits?

By Stewart Wrighter

Structured settlements are cash that is awarded to one party by the courts that will not be paid all at one time. The most common use of a structured settlement is to compensate an injury victim in a legal claim. The plaintiff and defendant agree to pay compensation over a certain period of time. This arrangement can be used with, or it to replace an immediate cash settlement all at once. It is often paid to major Life Insurance companies, who then pay the money to you in the form of an annuity.

This type of compensation has many benefits to the victim. First, these types of payments are exempt from Federal, state, and local taxation. It is like getting free money. It can be tailored to meet both current and future needs. For instance, it can be used immediately to meet past due bills and obligations, or to meet living expenses while recovering from the injury. However, it can also be set aside to provide for future needs, such as college tuition, retirement, or future surgeries. These payments are flexible and can be used to provide needed security in the future.


It is perfect for those who are no longer working, either because they are retired or who cannot work as a result of the injury. It is important to understand that you need a professional who is working for you, rather than the defendant if you are offered a structured settlement. Remember that the defendant’s attorney is loyal to the defendant and you need to consult a planner who is loyal to you and knows all of the possible solutions available to you in your particular situation. Obtaining the services of someone who is loyal to your interests is one of the most important steps that you need to take before accepting an agreement.

The first thing that you should do is to contact someone who specializes in this type of compensation before you undertake such an important decision. The professionals can help you get the best annuity rate and know the companies that will offer the best arrangement for you. These payments can be complicated and there are many options when it comes to the products offered by life insurance companies.

Structured settlements can be sold with the permission of the court at a later time if the needs of the recipient change. In most cases, if the need arises, then the recipient can file a motion to change the agreement. The court will also take into consideration the background of the buyer when a buyout is requested. A structured settlement is one of the most flexible ways to receive funds that are owed to you as result of a court decision. There are many things to consider and everyone’s situation is different. It is best to arrange a consultation with a professional to discuss your options for your future needs and help you avoid taxes. It is one of the most flexible options for receiving cash that is owed to you from an accident or injury and one of the best ways to secure your future.

About the Author: Stewart Wrighter recently researched a landmarkstructured settlement case for an article. He learned that structured settlements are the best alternative in some cases.

Source: isnare.com

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Spectacular Romantic Getaways: Vacations Near Dallas

By Marcia Drewitz

As any relationship guru will tell you, the best way to rekindle the dwindling fire of an otherwise successful relationship is to spend more time together. Quality time, that is! One of the most rewarding ways to do so is in a romantic, natural setting. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you are in luck! You live less than a three-hour drive away from one of the most beautiful romantic getaway spots in the country: McCurtain County, Oklahoma. This is the home of Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake.

There is a big difference between typical vacations and romantic getaways. Vacations tend to be about “doing” – including sightseeing, eating, playing sports, and even shopping. Of course, romantic getaways can include all of these activities as well, but the focus tends to be less on the “doing” part and more on the two of you “being” together. And what better place to be together than in a locale voted by LIFE magazine as one of the “100 Places to See in Your Lifetime?”

Romance is alive in McCurtain County – in part because of the astounding natural beauty to be found here. The Ouachita Mountains provide just one of the breathtaking backdrops to be found in this place of immense natural beauty. This is the setting for casual strolls through pine forests amidst rivers and lakes that are bound to spark the kinds of lazy, meandering conversations that keep the fire of your relationship burning strong.

Running through this area are many gorgeous bodies of water, including the Broken Bow, Mountain Fork, Poteau, Upper Kiamichi, and the Little. They provide endless recreational opportunities, including paddle boating, water skiing, swimming, canoeing and even parasailing. But, most of all, they provide you and your special someone with a setting in which to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life in the Dallas/Fort Worth (the Metroplex) area. In McCurtain County, you can really get to know one another again.

Here are 7 ways to enjoy a romantic visit to McCurtain County:

1. Have a picnic under the trees:


McCurtain County has some of the most beautiful forests and wildlife areas in the United States. You and your partner can enjoy a picnic in nature while you rekindle your relationship in a refreshing, natural setting.

2. Stop at a local restaurant:

The park’s onsite restaurant offers you the opportunity to eat lunch on its outdoor deck while you engage in people-watching, enjoying the wildlife, or just seeing a new side of your special someone in a unique setting.

3. Enjoy a romantic evening in front of the fireplace:

The McCurtain County area offers a range of cabin options for romantic visitors, including a selection of luxury cabins. This is the chance for the two of you to spend time cuddling in front of the fireplace while talking about the day’s events or weaving plans for your dream future together. Or enjoying the relaxing benefits of a hot tub.

4. Hike hand-in-hand:

Taking a hike along the Mountain Fork river and Broken Bow Lake is a spectacular way to enjoy each other’s company while you explore nature together.

5. Sit on the porch and watch the (wildlife) go by:

The great thing about sitting outside on the porch in your McCurtain County cabin with your special someone is that there isn’t much to see or hear – apart from some of the most beautiful greenery and wildlife to be found anywhere in the country, that is. With the lack of traffic, neighbors, and city noise, the refreshing silence can be enjoyed with a special glass of wine. We expect you will catch on quickly to the slower pace that makes getting closer to him or her so easy.

6. Cook together:

Whether the two of you are seasoned chefs or are challenged just trying to heat a frozen pizza, there is nothing more romantic than cooking a dinner in a cabin together. No interruptions, no phone calls – just an open cookbook, a grocery bag or two full of ingredients, and the joy of tasting the fruits of your labors.

7. Stop in Idabel for an organic treat:

On your way to and from McCurtain County, stop by the town of Idabel and the nearby Honey Bear Ranch where together you can shop for delicious organic foods and other snacks.

For a romantic getaway idea that is less than a half-tank of gas away from Dallas/Fort Worth, grab that special guy or gal in your life, get on the road and escape to another world that is closer than you think.

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News of the World Scotland editor charged with perjury, hacking

Friday, August 17, 2012

The former news editor at the now-defunct News of the World‘s Scottish division has been charged with perjury, conspiring to hack telephones, and breaching data protection legislation.

Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan features prominently in the inquiry, with Wight the second man to be accused of lying at his trial.

Strathclyde Police made the announcement yesterday that Douglas Wight, 39, has been arrested and charged as part of the force’s probe into phone-hacking in Scotland, dubbed Operation Rubicon. The investigation encompasses possible perjury at the trial of Tommy Sheridan, a former Member of the Scottish Parliament who was himself tried for perjury in late 2010. Sheridan was convicted of lying during an earlier defamation case against the News of the World.

Wight is now accused of lying at that trial, as well as a plot to hack phones in Scotland, and a number of allegations relating to unlawful acquisition of private data. Wight, who lives in London, attended a Glaswegian police station yesterday at the police’s request. He left last night and is not due in court today; a report is being prepared for the local procurator fiscal (prosecutor).

The charges follow Andy Coulson, who served as communications chief to David Cameron, being charged in May with perjury at the same trial. Sheridan was ultimately jailed for three years and released after serving one; he continues to protest his innocence. It followed a successful defamation case before the Court of Session in 2006, at which Sheridan was awarded £200,000 over allegations in the paper of sexual infidelity; his wife Gail was also tried in 2010 but cleared of lying in the case.

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