A Simple Plan To Diagnose And Treat Low Thyroid Function

By Mark Hyman, M.D.

It’s an epidemic problem — and you could have it.

Low thyroid function affects more than 30 million women and 15 million men. And it can lead to problems losing weight; decreased sex drive; depression; anxiety; thinning hair; and poor quality, thick, cracked fingernails.

So what’s responsible for low thyroid function and why are so many people affected?

Chronic thyroid problems can be caused by many factors, including environmental toxins such as pesticides, which act as hormone or endocrine disruptors and interfere with thyroid hormone metabolism and function.

In one study, people released pesticides from their fat tissue as they lost weight.

This interfered with their thyroid function and caused hypothyroidism. The toxins slowed metabolism and prevented them from losing more weight.

This study is significant, because it shows exactly how toxins interfere with thyroid function.

Heavy metals such as mercury can also affect thyroid function. I see many people with chronic hypothyroidism and other thyroid problems because mercury interferes with normal thyroid function.

The other big factor that interferes with thyroid function is chronic stress. The more stress you are under, the worse your thyroid functions. Correcting poor thyroid function must address the effects of chronic stress and provide support to the adrenal glands.

The next major factor that affects thyroid function is chronic inflammation. The biggest source of this chronic inflammation is gluten, the protein found in wheat, barely, rye, spelt, and oats. This common allergen affects about 10 to 20 percent of the population. This reaction occurs mostly because of our damaged guts, poor diet, and stress.

I also think eating so-called Frankenfoods, such as hybridized and genetically modified grains with very strange proteins, makes us sick.


Our bodies don’t recognize these foods and create antibodies to fight them. This chronic inflammatory response interferes with thyroid function — and contributes to the epidemic of inflammatory diseases in the developed world.

Lastly, nutritional deficiencies play a big role in thyroid dysfunction. These include deficiencies of iodine, vitamin D, omega-3 fats, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, and the B vitamins.

There are so many reasons for low thyroid function, yet conventional doctors tend to ignore them.

One young female patient of mine had more than 30 percent body fat and was unable to change her body, no matter how hard she worked. She ate perfectly, exercised with a trainer every day — and her body still wouldn’t budge.

She also had a slightly depressed mood and other vague symptoms.

So I treated her with a low dose of Armour Thyroid, which is a natural thyroid replacement.

What happened?

Well, she not only lost 20 pounds and improved her body composition, but her mood improved and all her other symptoms went away.

I knew she had low thyroid function because I did the right tests.

Most doctors just check something called the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), which doesn’t give a full picture of the thyroid. In fact, even the interpretation of this test is incorrect most of the time.

The newer guidelines of the American College of Endocrinology consider anybody with a TSH level over 3.0 as hypothyroid. Most doctors think that only anything greater than 5 or 10 is worth treating.

Unfortunately, this leaves millions suffering unnecessarily.

Other tests, including those for free T3, free T4, and thyroid antibodies, are essential.

I also look for associated problems such as gluten intolerance, food allergies, and heavy metals, as well as deficiencies of vitamin D, selenium, vitamin A, zinc, and omega-3 fats.

Low thyroid function is one of the most common problems I see, and treating it properly makes one of the biggest differences in my patients’ quality of life.

Unfortunately, by using the old guidelines and thinking, conventional medicine misses millions who suffer with hypothyroidism.

In fact, in one study, researchers tested everybody who walked through the gates of a county fair with conventional thyroid testing. They found that according to even conservative conventional standards, half of all the people who had hypothyroidism were undiagnosed, untreated, and suffering.

Once you have confirmed that a sluggish thyroid is contributing to your symptoms, the good news is that there are many, many, many things you can do to help correct thyroid problems.

I have developed a seven-step plan to address hypothyroidism:

1. Identify and treat the underlying causes of hypothyroidism, like food allergies, gluten, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, and stress.

2. Support your thyroid with optimal nutrition, including foods that contain iodine, zinc, omega-3 fats, selenium, and more.

3. Eliminate adrenal exhaustion and minimize stress by engaging in a comprehensive stress management program.

4. Engage in thyroid stimulating exercise, which boosts thyroid function.

5. Use supplements to help enhance thyroid function, including all the nutrients needed for proper thyroid metabolism and function.

6. Use saunas and heat to eliminate stored toxins, which interfere with thyroid function.

7. Use thyroid hormone replacement therapy to help support your thyroid gland.

I believe a comprehensive approach is needed to address chronic thyroid issues and to diagnose them. Most of the options for healing by conventional care are quite limited and only provide a partial solution. But by following my seven-step plan you can achieve optimal health and UltraWellness.

About the Author: Mark Hyman, M.D. is a pioneer in functional medicine, practicing physician and best-selling author. A sneak preview of his book “The UltraSimple Diet” is available. See The UltraWellness Blog for more on Low Thyroid Function

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Pinpointing A Dentist In Gurgaon And Delhi

Pinpointing a dentist in Gurgaon and Delhi


Yasir Joseph

Growing proportional to the increasing oral health problems are the number of dentists that you can find. With dentists practicing in every block, selecting a dentist for you can be cumbersome. The partnership of you and your dentist is to be a long term one and one that will weigh heavily on your oral health. So, selecting dentist in Gurgaon or a dentist in Delhi should be done with utmost care.

Delhi, being the capital has lot of people from all over the nation. Selecting a dentist in Delhi, therefore, depend a lot on the comfort level you share with him/her. You would not want to keep adjusting in matter that concerns health. Many factors influence the choice of dentist. The office hours the dentist follow and the driving distance of the dentist s office from your home or office should be the primary factor you consider when selecting a dentist. The heavy traffic and hooks can drive you crazy in Delhi, so choose a dentist in Delhi that is within immediate reach.


Selecting a dentist in Gurgaon

should not differ much in these factors, as the factors to be considered are pretty much universal.

The other factors that weigh heavily are the qualifications of the dentist and the methods he adopt. You would not want to be in hands of a dentist who recommends a surgery for any minor issue of yours. The dentist in Gurgaon you choose should be knowledgeable and apt. Not only should the dentist adapt to preventive dentistry, but they should be the ones who update their knowledge regularly and in pace with the advancing technologies. A dentist who regularly attends conferences and seminars would be a good choice as they would know what is happening in the field.

The type of anesthesia the dentist use to help you soothe and relax is to be considered. This should not be taken as a silly matter. Once all or some of these factors are considered, one should examine the policies that the dentist adopts in case of emergency outside office hours. Most often, they handle this by referring you to colleagues. If this proves to be satisfactory, look into the financial side of the association with this particular dentist. Check if the financials are scheduled. If you are among those who compare dentists on the price they tend to charge you, ask for the estimates for common procedures in regard to your teeth; that procedures that you are most likely to require in the future.

There are also people who consider all these factors to be overkill and just go visit a dentist and be happy and contented with them. But, the saying goes that you are never too careful when it comes to your health.

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dentist in India that ensures a painless dental treatment

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Make Cash Online? 5 Brutal Details A Rookies Should Know

Submitted by: Gilbertpk Rivera

Make no mistake about it. This article is for individuals who want help in establishing themselves and their business online. If you’re like most people then I’m fairly certain you belong in the latter class of people.

If you are to succeed then it is very a lot vital that you’ve got a marketing strategy or list of thing to do. This will allow you to keep focused and it will enable you to information you in your path to success. You should put emphasis on the issues that are important to your growth and your success.

There are Too Much Scams On-line that you May ever Think about

It is free for all and is accessible to simply about everyone. The Web is a giant assist for job seekers, students and businessmen however it’s also a breeding ground for unscrupulous characters.


I’ve heard of many individuals who’ve been fooled and who have been duped out of their money. Similar to what they are saying, “If it is too good to be true, then it probably is”. Keep in mind that no person got rich in a single day without spending appreciable effort and time. Although there are actual people on-line who’re greater than willing to share their system for success, there are additionally those who make a living out of scamming people.

Be a great decide of character and a superb judge of offers. Before committing or believing anything be sure to test the particular person making such offers. Find out if he is dependable and what others have to say about him.

2. There has been so much discuss and hypothesis about getting cash online. Some people even needed to await greater than a year to start seeing the fruits of their labor. 3. Having Money To Spend Makes it Straightforward

Though increasingly people are earning profits online, not all make the identical amount. You need cash to make money.

In this case money shall be used for very important issues just like webhosting, maintenance of your website and the likes. Just contemplate huge businessmen, before they got earnings they had to shell out cash first for their capital.

4. You gain more knowledge and extra insights from them that you simply normally would from a book. It is good to be nicely-read and effectively-informed however expertise can be a very important component. By no means stop learning. Learn their books, take heed to their stories, any tidbit of data they share can assist you grow your online enterprise and in addition develop into a smashing success like them.

If they offer membership to their websites that are chock-full of invaluable information then by all means join. Let nothing stop you from you dreams. My free eBook is a good example of a product that may provide help to develop your business.

5. Don’t just dive into online enterprise without any idea what you need and the course the place you are heading. You must have plans and contingency plans if ever the unique concept does not work. You need to equally persistent and patient. In case you are nonetheless not incomes an internet revenue like a guru, likelihood is, what you have got learnt to this point, are solely items to a puzzle. http://harris7199.thecopywritersguild.com/

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The Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic Tattooing Or Permanent Makeup

By Rena Graham

Cosmetic tattoos or what is also called as permanent makeup is one method available to those who want to improve, repair or redefine certain facial features. There are varied reactions regarding this procedure, but before you agree with this or closing your doors entirely, here is a list of pros and cons to help you make a better decision.

The Pros of Cosmetic Tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos can give someone better definition on the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and lips. It makes these features pop out as it enhances their shape and color. Going further with this procedure, it can also be used to improve the appearance of the nipple and areola.

The procedure uses micro pigmentation technique which is very similar to cosmetic tattoo but is less uncomfortable. It has long been agreed to be a generally safe procedure that has produced numerous successful results.

It is also a perfect solution for those who doesn’t have the time or those who doesn’t like all the fuss when applying makeup. It can also be appropriate for older people who seem to have a hard time beautifying themselves due to poor eyesight and shaky hands.


Getting a permanent eyebrow tattoo can creates a better and appropriate shape that will saves you from all the trouble of plucking them until they become the arches that you desire. An eyeliner tattoo also adds character and emphasis to the eyes. Adding to this, a tattooed lip line or lipstick also defines and improves its shape, color and attractiveness. You can also wear that peachy look all year round by having some cheek tattoos which imitate the effects of a blush.

The use of cosmetic tattooing is not only limited for vanity reasons. It can also be a way of restoring or improving a person’s confidence and self-esteem after suffering from hair loss. Common reasons for this include certain health conditions, medications and treatments.

The Cons of Cosmetic Tattoos

The disadvantage to cosmetic tattooing is that although it is permanent, it can fade over time. So to maintain the appearance that it had at the beginning, frequent touch-ups would be necessary. The first would have to be done immediately a month after the procedure.

The risk for allergic reactions to the dye used can also be a problem, especially to those who are particularly sensitive to it.

Infection will also be another concern regarding this procedure especially when the equipment’s used are not properly sterilized. This is also the why you have to get your permanent makeup done in a surgical clinic instead of a typical tattoo parlor.

There is also a high chance that you might get uneven results, inappropriate color or that it could be too dark. This can be a painful problem because having it repaired or erased would take a more complicated process than putting them on. This is why it is very important that you only have your cosmetic tattoo procedure done by a skilled, experienced and trained cosmetic tattoo professional.

About the Author: Esteem Cosmetic Studio in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra have a resident, certified and experienced permanent makeup tattoo artist, Ms. Stacey Rolfe, who was able to provide

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Simple Everyday Pain Relievers: Your Home’s Best Massage Chair

By Marion Mccants

Pain is broadly defined as a distressed signal of the body that something is either broken or not functioning normally. Physically, it can manifest through a range of things: namely a throbbing pain, a sore kind of pain, a stinging kind of pain, an aching kind of pain and many more. What is common through all these feelings is the feeling of uneasiness, albeit at different degrees. Pain in its core and its is essence is uneasy and discomforting, but at the same time may be an understatement to just describe it this way. The most intense degrees of physical pain is so great that it may cause one to faint or it may entail the use of painkillers such as painkilling drugs and anaesthesia.

There are two major kinds of pain: the physical and the emotional pain. Medically speaking the pain that is more recognized and treated is the physical pain. This is because as mentioned, physical pain can bring great agitation to the point of fainting.

Physical pain can be caused by many things. As earlier mentioned, when a body part is not functioning properly or when is broken, there is usually pain. This is because scientifically, pain serves as a signal to the brain that something is wrong. It is one of the built-in response mechanisms of human beings that protect them from harmful stimulus. Many may resent pain, but one could just imagine the world without physical pain, people would not be able to tell when their hands are broken or burning.


However, with this underlying benefit of pain comes the heavy price of having to endure it. Fortunately, innovations in medicine have created a branch that deals with pain management-this is called algiatry. Algiatry is the branch of medicine that deals with and cures pain, thus easing the discomfort caused by it. It deals with both the drug-related methods of curing pain, and with other more sophisticated methods such as anaesthesia. There is even a team that specializes in managing pain, and this-much like a typical team that you would see in a hospital operating room or in an ambulance-is composed of medical practitioners who specialize in aiding pain, nurses and paramedics.

Not all physical pain however has to end up in the hospital. Sometimes domestic remedies may be sought after as an alternative to the more expensive and more serious pain-relieving operations available in the hospital.

For instance, after a long tiring day at work, there may be a bit of soreness in key areas such as your back and your neck. It would not deem very practical to go to a hospital for this kind of minor pain, thus people in the house may resort to more minor means of treating pain. This may include the intake of oral pain relievers in the form of tablets, or even just a simple relaxing position on your favorite and your best massage chair. This simple act of sitting down on your best massage chair may be enough to ease the minor soreness you experience.

About the Author: Marion Mccants enjoys writing about

best massage chair


massage chair reviews

as well as related products.



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