Snowbirds: Winter Is Coming Fast Let Auto Transport Companies Help

Submitted by: Adam Donnelly

The cold and harsh winter is rapidly approaching and many snowbirds are getting ready to leave for the upcoming winter. A snowbird is a person who will flee from the cold and long winters and retreat to a much warmer climate such as Florida and California during the winter months. Many people simply cannot stand the cold realities of the winter and will get out of dodge before the first major snowfall happens. Some people choose to have a winter home based for health reasons such as having arthritis, which can be worse in colder climates, and other do not like to deal with the cold and more importantly hate driving on snowy and icy roads. Driving becomes difficulty when there is bad weather and since the weather can be very unpredictable why not use an auto transport service to assist you with your winter home move?

If one of the reasons that you are escaping the cold is due to the fear of driving during the winter, why would you risk the chance of encountering bad weather en route to your winter home? Auto transport companies can pick up your car from your summer home and deliver it to your winter home in a safe and secure manner. This way you can relax and not have to stress about driving and not have to worry about any bad weather that may come your way. Auto transport services employ professional drivers who are well experienced in all weather and road conditions so you can be assured that your car will make it to your winter home in a timely and safe manner.


If you are wondering what the fees are to have an auto transport company deliver your car for you, there is some good news. Did you know that auto transport rates are generally more affordable than one may think? This is due to a few reasons and one of the main reasons is the rising cost of gas. Depending on how far you are going the cost of gasoline alone may be enough to cause a small financial burden. Let’s face it you are moving from a cold area to a warm one so the chances are great that this is quite a long distance. When you factor in the cost of gas, plus hotel rooms along the way not to mention the extra wear and tear you are placing on your car it seems more than reasonable to say that auto transport rates may be the more economical way to go. You are also taking away an enormous amount of stress that driving can produce and that is priceless in itself.

So, with winter fast approaching now is the time to find the right auto transport companies for all your winter needs. Go ahead and begin your search today and start planning how you will spend all those warm winter nights on the beach or wherever you choose to go. Enjoy your warm winter and be glad you have escaped the cold.

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Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella Has Appointed Cristina Mexia As The New Sales &Amp; Marketing Director

Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella has appointed Cristina Mexia as the new Sales & Marketing Director


Jumping Spider Media

Mexia, with more than fifteen years experience in the hotel business, states that her main objective is to promote sales at all levels to different sectors, opening new markets and diversifying the existing ones.

Marbella, 15th September 2009- Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella, one of the most exclusive five star hotels on the Costa del Sol, announces the appointment of Cristina Mexia as the new Sales & Marketing Director.

Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella, renowned for product and service excellence is extremely selective when recruiting the Ladies and Gentleman who work for the company. The hotel trusts in Cristina s potential to maintain the market growth obtained since the opening in 2003. Alejandro Helbling, the hotel s General Manager, states that it was very important to choose someone who knows very well the Costa del Sol as a destination and also the luxury hotel business. It is also important for us to take into account our leaders personal qualities and their capability of working in challenging times, as is the current situation. .


Cristina Mexia has outstanding experience of more than fifteen years in the luxury tourist and hotel business. She has been Sales & Marketing Director at prestigious five star hotels in Germany, Madrid and on the Costa del Sol. She has excellent communication skills, speaking five languages, and an impressive negotiation aptitude. Daughter of an American mother and a Spanish father, she learned since very young the rich diversity of cultures around the globe. With fifteen years old she already knew her vocation for the hotel business, which has encouraged her to complete a Tourism degree at Centro Espa ol de Nuevas Profesiones and a master course in Hotel Management at the Universidad Polit cnica in Madrid.

Cristina considers it a great opportunity to be part of a luxury hotel, managed by a leading American company. I am very proud of joining Hotel Villa Padierna, not only because it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have seen during my fifteen years of experience, but also because it is very exciting to work for the premier worldwide provider of luxury experiences .

Cristina is conscious about the challenge that the current market situation means for the hotel business and states that even with Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella reaching excellent occupation levels during the past few years, the sales and marketing team must continue innovating and optimising all its resources in a proactive way in order to promote sales at all levels.

There is no doubt that her experience, persistence and professionalism will allow her to successfully reach this challenge and to continue promoting the Costa del Sol and Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella as one of the best destinations within Spain either for holidays or for business.

Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella

The luxury five star hotel in Marbella, Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella offers a personalised service and the best facilities on the Costa del Sol. Located at the Flamingos Golf Resort, its two 18 hole golf courses make of it one of the main golf hotels in Marbella, and its impressive Thermae Spa is considered one of the best luxury spas in Marbella.

This hotel is also an ideal conference venue in Marbella, perfect for company events and special celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, incentive trips and product launch venues on the Costa del Sol, with more than 1,000 square metres of reception rooms and terraces and also with its own stunning Roman Amphitheatre.

Editor s Note: Hotel Villa Padierna is represented by the digital marketing specialists and SEO provider Jumping Spider Media. Please direct all enquiries to Louise Byrne. Email: or call: +44 (0)20 3070 1959 / +34 952 783 637.

Editor s Note: Hotel Villa Padierna is represented by the digital marketing specialists and SEO provider Jumping Spider Media. Please direct all enquiries to Louise Byrne. Email: or call: +44 (0)20 3070 1959 / +34 952 783 637.

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3 Reasons To Consider Introducing Your Child To Modeling

Child modeling can be a controversial dinner conversation. Some parents are okay with it; others aren’t. Yet, most would probably agree that our catalogues, retail store displays, and Sunday paper inserts would be a bit less effective (and interesting) without children modeling the products.If you’re interested in learning more about getting your child started with modeling, first check out the following reasons it might work well for you and your child in the first place.Your Child Has “The Look”This one is tricky, because different modeling agencies – and companies in seek of child models – look for different kinds of “looks.” Children are beautiful, and every child has something to offer. Sometimes it just boils down to the timing of the agency’s or the company’s particular needs.However, if your child is especially photogenic or seems especially comfortable in front of cameras (see below), you might want to consider learning more about getting him or her into child modeling.Your Child Is Comfortable In The LimelightChildren are generally much more honest than are adults, and many young children are also much more comfortable with themselves. If a child enjoys performing in any capacity, chances are he or she isn’t shy about communicating that and does so without any prior encouragement. Parents of these kinds of outgoing children are well aware of their children’s abilities, and might want to learn more about and talk with their children about modeling. Child modeling is an excellent creative outlet for extrovert kids that can help them learn discipline, how to hone their talents, and even whether or not they want to pursue this path or explore other avenues. Your Child Needs A College FundObviously money shouldn’t be the only reason to introduce your child to modeling. Parents who trying to create modeling careers for their children with the sole purpose of making money or “getting rich” in mind are just asking for trouble. However, if you believe your son or daughter is well suited for child modeling – for example, your child has the look companies want and he or she is clearly comfortable posing or performing for others – the financial benefits are a serious perk.The money your child makes while modeling can help:

  • Pay for any future interests your child might have such as dancing, acting, or art classes.
  • Teach your child the value of money and how to manage it. Depending on your kid’s age, you might want to provide him or her with monitored access to the money so your child can learn how to shop for the things he or she needs (such as clothing and school supplies) and save for the things he or she wants (like toys or pets).
  • Cover expenses associated with your child’s future vehicle. If you think your child will have a vehicle once he or she is old enough to drive, this money can go toward saving for the purchase as well as covering the cost of maintenance.
  • Fund your child’s college education – and everything that accompanies it! Even if your child receives scholarships, grants, and loans for college, the money he or she earns during the child modeling years can help pay for new clothes, travel expenses, dorm room necessities, and even rent.

Remember that this money is your child’s money. As a parent, you should help your child manage his or her budget, but ultimately the money is for your child’s benefit.


A Day In The Life Of A Superyacht Captain

A day in the life of a superyacht captain


Stuart Carter

I love my work. I am a superyacht captain.

I often get asked whether being a superyacht captain is really as glamorous as it sounds. And my answer is always “yes” and “no”. Yes, being a superyacht captain can be a glamorous life style as you see the world in a very high standard of living. But being a superyacht captain is also a lot of responsibility and hard work. Sure a superyacht captain can be well paid, but the responsibility is enormous.


A superyacht captain, is always on duty or on call. There is never total down-time when I am captain of a client’s superyacht. Responsibility doesn’t sleep!

Being a superyacht captain means I am always on duty to be called if a situation arises – 24 hours of the day. Delivering a superyacht there are three navigational watches in charge of the bridge four hours on, eight hours off, however as superyacht captain, I leave standard orders to be called if any navigational watch-keeper feels there is a problem.

Being a superyacht captain involves more than just navigating, of course. As a superyacht captain, my days are varied. I plan the shifts for all crew onboard, including myself, oversee superyacht maintenance, plan routes, solve problems and complete paperwork.

Time spent at the bridge really depends on the itinerary of the particular superyacht.

It depends on how often the superyacht is used by the owner. Each superyacht is different. Some are very busy, some aren’t.

When I’m not out on the ocean, I am managing the superyacht and crew. It’s also the superyacht captain’s role to undertake maintenance of the vessel to keep the superyacht at 100% high standard, ready to go at any stage.

As a superyacht captain, I have seen so much of the world: Asia, the Med., the French Riveria, Italy, the Greek islands, the Caribbean and the South Pacific – they all offer scenic beauty and challenges to a superyacht captain!

There are a lot of very good opportunities for superyacht captains, but being a superyacht captain isn’t all smooth sailing. It’s a hugely rewarding series of triumphs and challenges whether at sea or in port!

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A day in the life of a superyacht captain

Quality Screen Printing In Ontario Ca


Many people like to think of creative ways to market their brand. This is a great form of advertising and they can reach a lot of people through clever advertising ideas such as tee shirts or pens. Many love the tee shirt idea and the look for a company who provides Screen Printing in Ontario CA. They give these shirts away to customers and all of their business information in included on the shirt. Many feel that these are almost like a walking billboard. It is a great way to get the word out about your business or services and to reach potential, new customers.

Another great idea is to have these shirts made for a family reunion or a special occasion such as a wedding. The shirts can bring people together and they are also a very nice keepsake. It is important to work with a company who provides a wide variety of options and affordable prices. They should work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the design that best suits your own unique needs. They should also offer discounts on large purchases because this will help you to save money as well.

Many people search for this type of provider online. It is always helpful to read online reviews that have been written by customers who have used their services. This will give you a better understanding of the type of service that they can provide. It is also a good idea to visit the website of the company that you want to learn more about. It is a good idea to Visit Engrave ‘N Embroider Things. They offer so many great options and quality work. They are quite experienced and they also offer affordable pricing as well.

It is a good idea to work with a company who provides quality Screen Printing in Ontario CA. They should be able to meet all of your needs, no matter how large or small the job is. They should be very experienced and should work closely with you to ensure that you are pleased with your products and that they have met all of your expectations.

4 Key Factors To Consider Before Engaging The Services Of A Salesforce Development Company

Superior customer service is key to the success of every business undertaking. Today, businesses are leveraging technology to provide superior customer satisfaction while remaining ahead in their digital journeys. As the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce helps businesses to enhance their Customer Experiences while enabling seamless sales processes. However, to maximize the complete potential of this platform, you must partner with a/Salesforce consulting partner/who can guide you throughout your salesforce journey./

However, with a plethora of Salesforce development partners listed on App exchange, finding the right consultant who can best fulfill your specific business needs might not be easy. Listed below are some factors that should be taken into consideration while selecting the right Salesforce development partner:

Client Feedbacks:/One of the most reliable ways of assessing the dependability and abilities of a Salesforce development partner is customer reviews. Before zeroing upon a service provider, make sure you check for all customer reviews (negative, as well as positive) to understand the perception of customers about the partners’ efficiency, timelines, number of projects completed, certifications, etc./

Domain Expertise:/It’s important to select a partner who has prior experience in handling projects similar to your domain and industry so that he/ she can handle your project efficiently. Since, Salesforce development partners gather experience of working with multiple organizations, they develop new learning experiences. This endows them with the ability to develop customized solutions for different domains, processes and custom components. This helps them deal with the most common challenges ultimately leading to quicker and proper Salesforce implementation.

Proper Certifications:/It’s in the best interest of your organization to engage Salesforce certified employees as they are well aware of every aspect of this platform. This lends them the ability to help customers surpass their expectations. However, organizations must ensure that their certified consultants or employees keep themselves up-to-date by taking up and passing new release exams so that they remain equipped with all the latest resources and tools.

Ongoing Support:/Most of the time, projects require additional support for post-implementation and training. This happens due to technical glitches that might crop up any time and must be fixed. So, whether it is about CRM maintenance, system upgrades or any sort of technical support, it’s important to have by your side a partner who can provide regular/Salesforce support/even after successful completion of your project./


Salesforce with its robust features and components makes up for a powerful platform that can help businesses streamline processes and achieve greater business efficiency and productivity. However, businesses can realize its full potential only if they agree to partner with a reliable, experienced and certified/Salesforce consultant./


Gum Swelling And Severe Tooth Decay Traced To Prescription Drugs

Gum Swelling and Severe Tooth Decay Traced to Prescription Drugs



The dentist was not expecting to see such a large black hole on the elderly man’s front tooth. Because the man almost threw up on his prescribed nitroglycerine tablets when placed under his tongue, he stuck them under his upper lip instead. These tablets caused that very big hole in his tooth.

Hundreds of medicines that Americans take every day, from the country’s most popular blood pressure pills to chewable vitamin C tablets, can cause serious tooth decay and gum disease, oral medicine experts told the American Dental Association. Either doctors have no clue to these dental side effects or they don’t let their patients know, say the specialists.


We make dentists know how important it is to ask their patients about medical concerns and medications, says one dentist and pharmacologist at the University of Buffalo. As you look through each medicine, think about how they can affect the patient’s dental health, he tells dentists.

These facts are presented by oral medicine specialists who handled classes at this week’s ADA meeting. Up to 20 percent of patients taking calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure and heart disease suffer gum swelling. Inflammation makes openings that allow bacteria to get in and cause gum swelling and disease. Some of these medicines are taken by most Americans.

Swelling is the effect of certain drugs for epilepsy as well as amphetamines. Cyclosporin is a drug used to prevent organ rejection and this can cause massive gum overgrowth. It looks like gum inflammation caused by leukemia, he said.

Dry mouth, an apparent side effect of 400 drugs, is also a side effect of radiation treatment for cancer. When people don’t have enough saliva, they may suffer cavities, excess plaque, and fungal infections. The dentist would usually tell the patient’s doctor that if possible, he should change the calcium channel blockers prescription and switch it with another heart medicine.

If it is impossible, the patients must see the dentist frequently and their plaque buildup must be monitored. A dentist with a photograph of a patient with damaged teeth and gums said that such side effects would be no worry as long as the mouth is kept clean. There will be no problem if there is no plaque, he said.

A photograph he showed is that of a Dilantin patient with gums so swollen that only the tips of the front teeth could be seen. This condition could be minimized if the patient on Dilantin would see the dentist in 10 days so that the gum pockets could be treated, he said. The problem isn’t just prescription drugs. An active ingredient in over the counter lozenges, cough drops, and antacids is sugar.

He mentioned a woman who always showed up with new cavities. She avoided sweets and brushed always, so dentists were left wondering why this happens. Then the receptionist observed her taking in pills, which turned out to be antacids which she consumed in large amounts a day.

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Gum Swelling and Severe Tooth Decay Traced to Prescription Drugs

Hairstyle Tips For Women Wanting To Look Younger

By Sherry Brister

Wrinkles may be the badge of a life well lived, but nobody wants to actually look old. Fortunately, there are a number of hair style tips that can make a remarkable difference in your perceived age. The main thing is to flatter your skin tone and shape of your face, which is always essential to an attractive hair style. In this article I’ll discuss some fashionable hairstyles which can make you look years younger.

First of all, look at the contrast between your face and hair in some different light settings. It can be strange how different your hair and skin color can seem in sunlight compared to artificial light. So check your appearance while outside, in environments with florescent lighting such as grocery stores or offices, and in dimly-lit areas. Notice something? If your hair is a little too dark – even just a shade too dark – it can make you look older and more tired. It tends to bring out the color of the bags beneath your eyes, as well as any dark veins or spots on other areas of your skin. To correct this, consider lightening your hair several full shades. Alternatively, you could even get highlights, especially around the face. You’ll be amazed how much this will “lift” your look. Make sure to visit the salon regularly, however, because you don’t want your highlights to turn brassy.


Soft lines and soft volume are also important features of a more youthful look. A hairstyle which is very geometric can look wonderful on a young girl, because her neck and throat are still young. However, a very sharp and modern look will highlight the flaws on an older woman. Thus, try to achieve a soft shape in your hairstyle. If your hair is short & wispy, feminine pieces with plenty of volume will do the trick. If your hair is longer, consider short layers, especially near your face. This will add lots of movement and femininity. You’ll be pleased that such a small tweak can make such a big difference.

Bangs are also a fabulous way to make you look younger, as they can help camouflage furrowed brows and crow’s feet. Whether short, classic bangs or longer ones swept to the side, bangs can be very effective. You could even try different styles via clip-on bangs to find the style that you like. After all, bangs are notoriously awkward to grow out. If you get the right style for you, however, odds are that you’ll never go back. Long bangs add an element of mystery and sensuality, while bangs that are cut well above the eyebrows look smart and sassy. But again, beware of having a style that is too geometric. The contrast between sharp lines and a softer, sagging face can be unflattering.

Finally, a shorter hairstyle is an old standby for shaving years off your look. This is not to say you should run out the door and get a pixie cut, but you may consider cutting your hair to collarbone length, or even just above. Not only will this help you to look younger, but you will also save lots of time in terms of hair maintenance and styling.

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Different Types Of Rc Trucks That You Can Choose From

Different Types Of RC Trucks That You Can Choose From


B Chung

It is not possible to go to the market and choose any of the RC trucks without knowing what type it is because it may not help you so much in the end, which is why you always need to know the different types of these trucks so that you can make an informed choice when you are purchasing. The different types of these radio controlled trucks are different in the way they work and the way they satisfy their clients, therefore choosing any of them may not be the best thing to do considering that we all have different racing needs that need to be satisfied by whatever truck we purchase.

On major type of these RC trucks is the electric powered RC truck. Like the name suggests, this is powered by a battery. These trucks are less complicated for their users. They are therefore the best for those kinds of racers who want something less complicated, just for fun. If you are a racer who likes racing alone, or with friends jut for fun, then this truck can be the best one to purchase. It may not have the speed but it is not complicated and it is very easy to operate.


The electric powered RC trucks are meant also for the beginners; those people who want to get started in RC truck racing can start very well with a less complicated truck like this one. A beginner can learn to race very well using this kind of truck and since they are not speedy, the learner can master racing without having so many problems. It is also cheap for those who want to race yet they can not afford the money to purchase a more expensive radio controlled truck.

Another major type of these RC trucks is the gas powered radio controlled truck. These are quite different from the electric powered ones, because they are more complicated and challenging. These are meant for those people who have a good experience in truck racing because they can manage these trucks really well. There are racers who love complicated trucks as well and these are the trucks for them. If you get so much fun from racing and an inner satisfaction that is so immense, then go for none other than the gas powered RC truck, it will give you all that and more.

The gas powered RC trucks are quite expensive and they may not be affordable to a number of racers, mostly those who have the desire to race yet they can not afford an expensive RC truck. They are also not easy to get in the market, not like the electric powered ones. But the good thing is that they can be found in online stores very easily if you are in need of one. All you need to do is to search for these trucks online and you will get the exact make that you need for your racing.

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How To Deal With Unwanted Waste And Rubbish

How to deal with unwanted waste and rubbish


Summer Ventura

“Garbage,” “trash,” “rubbish,” or “municipal solid waste”–it does not make any difference what we call it, the fact remains the same, we produce huge amounts of it, and it takes an enormous amount of every community’s resources to deal with it.


We always try to find the best way to deal with waste however the best solution would still be RECYCLING. As observed people are more inclined to recycle if there are containers put out for placing items into making it easier for them. There are various cities that provide small skips in neighbourhoods to encourage people to separate the things they are throwing out according to the type. It does not matter if it is an individual, a small business or a corporation of large proportions; all of these should properly dispose of waste which includes recycling. This keeps landfills clear which in turn keeps the environment cleaner. The use of skips for all of these individuals makes doing so efficient. In addition, the laws are specific for businesses as well as others when it comes to keeping the environment safe. This is a convenience that was not always available so today the advantages are even more viable when it comes to hiring skips to help in the recycling process. The future may well depend on the recycling we are doing today. If you’re too busy in finding the right supplier in your area and scared that you might end up with a bad supplier then you can always count on to do this job for you. They have been in the business for 12 years now making them the most RELIABLE and TRUSTED online bin hire booking company. They have helped over thousands of happy customers in providing the BEST and CHEAPEST suppliers nationwide. And for any orders or inquiries you can reach them anytime from 9am-7pm, weekdays through their hotline number 1800-860-225 and get in touch with the friendliest staff who’s willing to help and assist you each time. So start booking your orders today at, Or use keywords such as: rubbish removal brisbane, rubbish removal sydney, rubbish removal melbourne, rubbish removal perth, rubbish removal adelaide and many more

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How to deal with unwanted waste and rubbish