Ford’s US auto sales spike, surpassing GM

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ford Motor Company said on Tuesday that its sales in the United States rose 43% in February compared to the same period last year, as the automaker outsold rivals Toyota and General Motors.

The strength of our new products … are resonating with customers

Ford said that total sales improved to 142,285 units, compared to 141,951 units sold by GM. Additionally, Ford said that its share of the total US car market rose to 17%, up from 14% a year ago. The increase was better than analysts had predicted, and Ford’s stock rose to a five-year high in morning trading, before declining later in the day. Ford’s sales were significantly influenced by a 74% increase in fleet sales to businesses. Rental car agencies alone accounted for around 30,000 units sold. Sales to retail consumers increased only 28%.

The increases were led by sales of two sedans, the Fusion and Taurus, which rose 166.5 and 93.3% respectively, although sales of other models such as SUVs and pickup trucks also increased. Both models were significantly redesigned last year, and analysts said that improved quality from such cars were driving the increases.

Other companies also reported February sales today, nearly all reporting sales gains as well, although none as large as those of Ford. Toyota was the sole exception to the sales gains, as their sales declined 8.7%, as the company was faced with a global recall during the month that led to a temporary stoppage of production for some models.

“The strength of our new products … are resonating with customers,” said Ken Czubay, Ford’s vice president of sales and marketing. However, he believed that traditional Toyota customers were not buying rival autos, but rather awaiting the results from the recalls.

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California governor signs new state budget, eligible Californians to get stimulus payments

Thursday, July 15, 2021

On Monday night, governor of the U.S. state of California Gavin Newsom signed a new US$262.6 billion budget bill for the state into law, with US$8.1 billion reserved for US$600 direct stimulus payments to Californians to aid in California’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill for the budget, SB 129, and the bill for the stimulus payments, SB 139, both passed both houses of the California Legislature for this fiscial year.

The payments, dubbed the Golden State Stimulus II, are set to be paid out to eligible California taxpaying residents beginning in September. To be eligible, residents must have filed a state tax return for last year, not be someone’s dependent, and must have earned no more than US$75 thousand in wages last year.

Eligible Californians would get a one-time payment of US$600, and households with dependents would receive an additional US$500. Around two-thirds of Californians are expected to get a stimulus payment, according to the governor’s office. Newsom initially proposed the payments in May to aid the state’s economic recovery, as part of his “California Comeback Plan”.

Californians who already received a stimulus payment earlier in the year are not eligible for this second payment. An additional payment of US$500 is still available for those who claimed dependents on their returns.

The budget also provides for US$5.2 billion in renters’ aid for low-income residents and landlords, which would pay for all rent left unpaid during the COVID-19 crisis, and cover rent for several coming months. Overdue water and utility payments would also be covered by US$2 billion in funding.

An additional US$1.5 billion was for grant money intended for small businesses, with US$120 million in tax credits for businesses willing to relocate to California.

California had a budget surplus of nearly US$76 billion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In signing SB 129, Newsom line-item vetoed Section 19.55 of the bill concerning US$2.58 billion in appropriations to various funds “on a technical basis”, citing in an explanation appropriations covered under the section were superseded by the budget. In California, a governor may approve a bill passed by the Legislature with specific items related to the budget rejected. The Legislature can override this line-item veto with a two-thirds vote of both the Assembly and the Senate.

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MMS comes to American iPhones

Friday, September 25, 2009

Today, after two years of waiting, American iPhone users are finally able to send and receive MMS messages. This long awaited feature has caused Apple and AT&T a great deal of grief from its user base. Originally the grief was directed at Apple for the lack of inclusion on the device, but as time progressed AT&T was faulted for lack of support.

When the iPhone was released in June of 2007, it lacked one feature that was widely available on other devices: MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service. This standard, similar to the all text SMS standard, allows users to send and receive video, audio, and picture files on their mobile phones. MMS was launched in 2002 and by 2007 was a common feature on most new mobile phones. It was not until June 2009, with the release of iPhone OS 3.0, that the devices also had the capability to send and receive these multimedia messages. Unfortunately for American iPhone users, all of whom use AT&T because of an exclusive agreement between the phone company and Apple, AT&T did not allow iPhone users to use this feature; that changed today.

Current iPhone users simply need to update (from iTunes) and reboot their device in order to enable MMS. AT&T was originally concerned about not having the network capacity to handle the data demand of all the MMS messages and in Wikinews’ own testing this seems to be a valid issue. The ability to send and receive MMS messages was functional, but by midday Friday (PST), AT&T’s network was extremely slow, with messages taking in excess of two minutes to send. Tests over AT&T’s 3G network showed upload and download speeds nearly halved what they were just a few days prior.

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Colon Cancer

colon cancer. As a rule cases of colon cancer begin as insignificant, noncancerous (benign) clumps of cells called adenomatous polyps. Cancerous tumors found in the colon or rectum also may broaden to other parts of the body. Cancer of the colon and rectum (colorectal cancer) is a evil tumor arising from the inner wall of the big intestine. If signs and symptoms of colon cancer do materialize, they may include changes in bowel Practice, blood in your stool, persistent cramping, gas or abdominal ache. Since colon cancer can spread for years without causing any symptoms, it’s best to get recurring colon cancer screenings. Almost all men and women age 50 and older should have a colon cancer screening. Screening tests can help Put off colorectal cancer by finding pre-cancerous polyps so they can be detached before they turn into cancer. For typical risk individuals, screening tests begin at age 50 and the number one method is a inspection colonoscopy every 10 years; an alternate strategy consists of once a year stool test for blood and a adaptable sigmoidoscopic exam every 3 to 5 years.

Elite screening programs are used for those with a family record of colorectal cancer. Colonoscopic investigation (also called screening colonoscopy) needs to be accessible at more numerous intervals for those at high risk for colon cancer (for instance, those with a personal history of colorectal cancer or adenomatous polyps; family history of colorectal cancer; non-genetic polyposis; colorectal cancer; or a pre-disposing circumstance such as inflammatory bowel disease. Since your genes cannot be changed, if there is a family history of colon polyps or cancer, a colonoscopy should be performed to remove the polyps before they become malignant. In the subject of prevention, researchers are looking at the effects of curcumin (establish in curry), resveratrol (found in red wine), ginger and the Mediterranean diet on the advance and development of colon cancer.Current exploration suggests that a high fiber, low-fat diet plays a role in prevention; how great a role it plays is unclear. Although the accuratecause of colorectal cancer is not known, it is On the cards to inhibit numerous colon cancers through: diet and exercise. It is important to control the risk factors you can control, such as diet and exercise. A detox program, inThe majoritycases shall include a mental change in approach towards diet, improving nutrition, removing toxins, returning the most wanted flora in your inside system, maintaining a balanced pH level in the body and improving the whole mind and body relationship. Diet plays an important role in preventing the expansion of colon cancer. Diets high in fat and low in fruits and vegetables, such as those that include red meat, fried foods and high-fat dairy foodstuffs, may increase the probability of colorectal cancer. A body rinse diet, is a diet that aims to clean and remove harmful toxins from your body.


A well known detox diet for your body is the increasingly popular lemon detox diet, which incorporates a number of ingredients and requires you to consume a drink of these ingredients once everymorning, then drinking water with a hint of lemon juice right through the day.Usually, a healthy and safe detox diet will not want you to starve yourself, and it contains highly nutritious food that can help to boost your metabolism. Despite the fact that you are doing your colon cleanse, make certainyou are getting heaps of sleep and exercise. Exercise is believed to reduce the peril of colon cancer. Light exercise is also a good way of getting the blood circulating in your body. Gentle, no-impact exercise safe and beneficial for persons of all ages.

There are tons of exercise programs and plans out there, or just walking for at least 12-15 minutes a day is beneficial to the colon function. Detoxification is a helpful process of removing toxins from the body. The bodies natural detoxification system has basically not evolved to deal with the future man made pollutants that were to come. With the increase of toxins within the environment and foods we eat, it is not surprising that the massof people are at a level of toxicity that is past the point that the bodies own natural detoxification system can cope with.Repeated detoxification will help forestall serious problems and keep you feeling better, both mentally and physically. Detoxification kits may be bought from health food stores, or a competent practitioner or natural physician can vouch for detox products.

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Broken pipes cause flood in Darwin D. Martin House in Buffalo, New York

 Correction — February 13, 2008 The break was a broken sprinkler head in a crawl space above the shop, according to Jeffrey A. Salmon Facilities Manager of the Martin House Restoration Corporation. Not a pipe. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Buffalo, New York —According to radio communications by the Buffalo, New York Fire Department, at approximately 10:15 p.m. EST two water pipes inside the Darwin D. Martin House, a National Historical Landmark, broke causing several rooms to flood.

The breaks were discovered in the gift shop area of the house but quickly began to flood other areas near the shop as firefighters had a difficult time locating the main shut off valves.

At 10:50 p.m., firefighters reported to have shut off “several main valves” stopping the flow of water. The cost of the water damage is not known, but covered several rooms. Recent sub-zero temperatures in the city is said to be the cause of the break. At the time of the call, the temperature was only 10°F with a wind chill of 4°F above zero. On Sunday the temperature was only 3°F with a wind chill of -23°F.

The house, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, has seen rough times over the years, experiencing problems such as vandalism. The first half of the complex was built in 1903 and finished in 1905. After the pergola, conservatory, and carriage were demolished, restoration and rebuild began in 1992 and is scheduled for completion in 2008 or 2009.

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The Advantages Of Installing Rugged Doors At Your Place Of Business

byAlma Abell

There are all kinds of roll up doors available on the market, so you might have difficulty deciding between these options. Some doors are incredibly light, making them very easy to open and close, while others are stronger, which provides additional security. When making your final decision, it might be a good idea to come up with an option that has the best from both worlds. It is possible to find rugged doors that are also light, so you do not have to compromise the door’s functionality to keep your business safe.

Keep the Venue SecureOne reason to go with a stronger door is to keep people out of your building. Flimsy doors bring about a security risk because they can be knocked down much easier than their stronger counterparts. If you store anything of value behind your doors, you will want to do everything possible to keep people out and installing rugged doors is a great first step. After all, you have worked hard to build your business, so you should do everything in your power to keep it safe indefinitely.

Safe from the ElementsAnother reason to go with a rugged and heavy door is that it keeps your equipment and employees out of the elements. There is nothing worse than arriving at your place of business to find that rain has been leaking into the warehouse and ruined thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory and equipment. Cheaply made roll up doors can allow water to sneak in underneath them, which puts your property at risk. More rugged versions of these doors, however, will keep the wind, rain and cold out, so you can focus on working, rather than dealing with ruined items.

Won’t BreakOf course, these doors are popular because they can survive major impacts. When someone makes a mistake and damages your door, you could end up having to shut your business down while it is repaired or replaced. Having a door that can withstand this impact, however, means that you will not lose these hours because an employee has made an error. In the end, this resistance to damage is reason enough to invest in some of these heavy duty doors.

Rhode Island District Court freezes Palestinian Authority assets in the US

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Rhode Island district court has frozen all the US assets of the Palestinian Authority (PA), prompting Palestinian finance minister Salam Fayyad to request the aid of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The frozen assets include US holdings in an investment fund worth $1.3 billion, which was used to finance economic development, and $30 million from the Palestinian Monetary Authority.

The ruling was passed upon the PA when they refused to compensate the relatives of a Jewish couple shot dead by members of Hamas in 1996.

US citizen Yaron Ungar and his wife Efrat were killed while returning from a wedding near the West Bank, when their car was shot at repeatedly, killing the couple. Three Hamas militants were jailed as a result.

A lawsuit was filed in 2000 against the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, Hamas, and Yasser Arafat in Rhode Island.

Yasser Arafat hired lawyer and former attorney general Ramsey Clark as his defense. In the case, Clark argued that the PA was a sovereign state, and that it deserved immunity from prosecution accorded to most countries. The court disagreed with this, and in 2004 they ruled that Palestine is not a state, and ordered them to pay the Ungars $116 million. A federal appeals court upheld the verdict in March.

The head of Washington’s PA office, Hasan Abdul Rahman said that his office had been “paralysed” by the verdict.

“It paralyzes the function of the office, and I think that is the intention of the plaintiffs.” he told Associated Press shortly after the decision, and called upon the US administration to intervene.

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On the campaign trail in the USA, September 2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

The following is the fifth edition of a monthly series chronicling the 2020 United States presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

This month’s spotlight on the campaign trail: the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee secures ballot access in all 50 U.S. states, the Unity Party of America presidential nominee proposes a novel solution to the issue of “packing” the U.S. Supreme Court, and three candidates give their thoughts on the latest military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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Conservative Party launches manifesto

Wednesday, April 13, 2005The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, Monday, launched its slimline manifesto for the May 5th general election, a twenty-seven page document entitled The British Dream.

The manifesto focuses on five key areas:

Lower tax and value for money: The party plans to make up to £12 billion of savings annually by reducing beurocracy such as quangos. £8 billion will reduce previous deficit, and £4 billion of tax cuts will be made, especially to what have been called “stealth taxes”. The party promised that funding for education, health, transport and international development would not be cut, and spending on police, defence and pensions would be increased.

Flexible childcare and school discipline: The manifesto promised an increase in maternity pay and more choice of childcare. Under a conservative government more independence over expulsions and admissions would be given to school heads and governors. Special schools for disruptive pupils would be created, and more vocational courses would be created for 14-16 year olds.

Better healthcare and cleaner hospitals: A major feature of the coservative campaign has been hospital sourced infections, and in respose the party have promised to introduce ward matrons charged with keeping hospitals clean, with the authority to close wards with MRSA infections. A Conservative government would contribute funding towards operations in private hospitals. Econimic migrants with HIV or TB would not be allowed to live or work in Britain.

Safer communities and more police: A Conservative government would increase police recruitment by 5,000 a year. The manifesto promised to increase prison terms and increase Britain’s prison capacity by 20,000 places. The party would reverse the Labour government’s decision to relax laws prohibiting Canabis use.

Secure borders and controlled immigration: The manifesto proposes a new border police at Britain’s busiest air and sea ports, with 24 hour surveilance. The party would set a quota on economic migrants and reject asylym-seekers who are not vetted by the UNHCR.

Party leader Michael Howard summed up the manifesto: “If you long for cleaner hospitals, more police, school discipline, controlled immigration, lower taxes and accountability – you can vote for it, on 5 May”, accusing prime-minister Tony Blair, who is campaigning for his third term, of letting the country down.

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Lasik Eye Surgery In Huntsville, Al Can Help You See More Clearly


Also referred to as laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis, LASIK is an eye procedure that uses a cool laser to reshape the cornea. A person who opts to undergo this procedure should be in good health. The surgery, which only takes from five to ten minutes, can make a measurable difference in your vision.

The Role of the Cornea

To understand why LASIK eye surgery in Huntsville, AL is a popular treatment option, you need to know more about the cornea. The cornea is the part of an eye that assists in focusing light. This light is used to produce an image on the retina. Therefore, you can compare this activity to what happens when someone focuses a camera. The bending and focusing of lights is referred to as refraction.

Refractive Errors

When LASIK eye surgery is recommended, it is because the image produced on the retina is blurred or distorted. When the eye is not focusing as it should, the associated imperfections are called refractive errors. The three main types of refractive errors include the following:

* Myopia or nearsightedness (or difficulty seeing distant objects)* Hyperopia or farsightedness (or difficulty seeing objects up-close)* Astigmatism (distortion of the retina)

What Happens When LASIK Surgery Is Performed

Many patients who receive LASIK eye surgery have a combination of myopia and astigmatism or hyperopia and astigmatism. When the surgery is performed, the doctor removes corneal tissue before reshaping the cornea. Therefore, a LASIK procedure permanently alters the shape of the cornea, or the clear covering on the front of the eye.

This is done using an excimer laser. A flap is created using an instrument called a microkeratome. This produces a hinge on one end of the flap. The flap is then folded back, revealing the mid-section of the cornea. Pulses from the laser vaporize part of the stroma before the flap is replaced. You can find out more about this procedure and vision therapy by visiting online.