Day Spa Business Plan Sample: Financial Model Needs

Purchasing a sample or template for your day spa business plan can be extremely valuable, but only if there is a well-done and customizable financial model spreadsheet that comes with it. To know if the financial model you’re working with makes the cut, look for the following elements.

Multiple Revenue Streams

As the years go by, you may expect to move customer from one service to another (for example, increasingly sell massages, while at first customers only purchased facial treatments). To do this, the financial model must let you play with multiple revenue streams by letting you choose as many as possible and alter the sales mix between them over time.


Automated Financial Statements

The financial statements themselves require some accounting knowledge to put together, and the model should not require you to create them from scratch or even have to adjust them much at all. A well-made financial model will let you make adjustments on worksheets about your assumptions of costs, revenues, and debt and equity you will raise, and then populate the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement automatically. For a model to be robust it must allow for a change made in one place to automatically effect all the other sheets and statements.

Startup Costs

The model should give you the opportunity to lay out the startup costs you have identified, such as for your furniture, booths, sinks, supplies, inventory, and improvements to the location itself (leasehold improvements). The model should know which costs are depreciated over time and which must be expensed at the time they are incurred, so that you don’t have to learn this on your own or set up your own depreciation schedule.

Debt or Equity

Finally, the model should let you choose whether you will fund your day spa through debt (loans) or equity (stockholder investment). It should allow you to choose interest rates, a repayment schedule, and use a combination of both debt and equity if you choose. This should serve the purposes of most day spa entrepreneurs without complicated customization.

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Spectacular Romantic Getaways: Vacations Near Dallas

By Marcia Drewitz

As any relationship guru will tell you, the best way to rekindle the dwindling fire of an otherwise successful relationship is to spend more time together. Quality time, that is! One of the most rewarding ways to do so is in a romantic, natural setting. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you are in luck! You live less than a three-hour drive away from one of the most beautiful romantic getaway spots in the country: McCurtain County, Oklahoma. This is the home of Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake.

There is a big difference between typical vacations and romantic getaways. Vacations tend to be about “doing” – including sightseeing, eating, playing sports, and even shopping. Of course, romantic getaways can include all of these activities as well, but the focus tends to be less on the “doing” part and more on the two of you “being” together. And what better place to be together than in a locale voted by LIFE magazine as one of the “100 Places to See in Your Lifetime?”

Romance is alive in McCurtain County – in part because of the astounding natural beauty to be found here. The Ouachita Mountains provide just one of the breathtaking backdrops to be found in this place of immense natural beauty. This is the setting for casual strolls through pine forests amidst rivers and lakes that are bound to spark the kinds of lazy, meandering conversations that keep the fire of your relationship burning strong.

Running through this area are many gorgeous bodies of water, including the Broken Bow, Mountain Fork, Poteau, Upper Kiamichi, and the Little. They provide endless recreational opportunities, including paddle boating, water skiing, swimming, canoeing and even parasailing. But, most of all, they provide you and your special someone with a setting in which to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life in the Dallas/Fort Worth (the Metroplex) area. In McCurtain County, you can really get to know one another again.

Here are 7 ways to enjoy a romantic visit to McCurtain County:

1. Have a picnic under the trees:


McCurtain County has some of the most beautiful forests and wildlife areas in the United States. You and your partner can enjoy a picnic in nature while you rekindle your relationship in a refreshing, natural setting.

2. Stop at a local restaurant:

The park’s onsite restaurant offers you the opportunity to eat lunch on its outdoor deck while you engage in people-watching, enjoying the wildlife, or just seeing a new side of your special someone in a unique setting.

3. Enjoy a romantic evening in front of the fireplace:

The McCurtain County area offers a range of cabin options for romantic visitors, including a selection of luxury cabins. This is the chance for the two of you to spend time cuddling in front of the fireplace while talking about the day’s events or weaving plans for your dream future together. Or enjoying the relaxing benefits of a hot tub.

4. Hike hand-in-hand:

Taking a hike along the Mountain Fork river and Broken Bow Lake is a spectacular way to enjoy each other’s company while you explore nature together.

5. Sit on the porch and watch the (wildlife) go by:

The great thing about sitting outside on the porch in your McCurtain County cabin with your special someone is that there isn’t much to see or hear – apart from some of the most beautiful greenery and wildlife to be found anywhere in the country, that is. With the lack of traffic, neighbors, and city noise, the refreshing silence can be enjoyed with a special glass of wine. We expect you will catch on quickly to the slower pace that makes getting closer to him or her so easy.

6. Cook together:

Whether the two of you are seasoned chefs or are challenged just trying to heat a frozen pizza, there is nothing more romantic than cooking a dinner in a cabin together. No interruptions, no phone calls – just an open cookbook, a grocery bag or two full of ingredients, and the joy of tasting the fruits of your labors.

7. Stop in Idabel for an organic treat:

On your way to and from McCurtain County, stop by the town of Idabel and the nearby Honey Bear Ranch where together you can shop for delicious organic foods and other snacks.

For a romantic getaway idea that is less than a half-tank of gas away from Dallas/Fort Worth, grab that special guy or gal in your life, get on the road and escape to another world that is closer than you think.

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Emaar Scam Accused Offers All Possible Co Operations In A Bid To Clear Name

Submitted by: Pankaj Wahal

Emaar Properties is a Dubai based real estate developer. Founded in the late 90 s, Emaar began its operation with a vision to change the global living standard. Exceptional flair of architecture, stylish elegance and a whole new concept of community living gave Emaar the much needed edge. Overcoming several challenges of the real estate industry, Emaar established itself as the foremost player in the realm of construction and real estate development throughout the Middle East. Several magnificent architectural masterpieces such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall under its belt, Emaar became the numero uno in Dubai s thriving real estate sector. Another wondrous creation is the Dubai fountain, stated to be the world tallest performing fountain. As of date, Emaar has established its operational base in almost all the Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan in addition to the south Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Emaar has even left its footprint in the developed western economies of America and England. Till date, Emaar Properties has developed approximately 89 millions square feet of real estate all over the world across residential, commercial and several other related segments. Besides the core business of real estate development, Emaar also provides property management services, engages in hospitality, healthcare and educational services and dabble in financial investment.

India real estate sector started feeling Emaar s presence as early as 2003 though it was only couple of years later when Emaar made its intent of long term plans known by entering into a joint venture with MGF Development Limited forming Emaar MGF. The combined entity along with the Dubai principal undertook several developmental projects all across the country. Major Indian cities such as New Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Maharashtra have seen the benevolence of this global real estate developer. Its chief project includes the 2010 Commonwealth Games village in the heart of the country, New Delhi, Boulder Hills Township in Hyderabad, and The Esplanade in Chennai etc. However, in 2011, Emaar became involved in allegations over undervaluing of a luxurious Boulder Hills township plot in Hyderabad. This controversy hitherto came to be called as Emaar case. Emaar case has all the ingredients of making one of the most sensational news of the decade several celebrities and film-stars, high profile government officials and above all a global brand name, media and local politicos had a field day with this controversy without getting to know the real facts surrounding the scam. Emaar scam accused, the global giant was served summons from CBI for alleged involvement in the Emaar case. Emaar scam accused in response to this summons has offered all possible cooperation to CBI. Initial investigation has revealed nothing against the global giant, thus supporting Emaar s claim for no role in the fiasco.


Today, Emaar has come a long way leaving behind the memories of Emaar case. The real estate giant has made its stance very clear in the Indian real estate sector with several major projects in the pipeline. From seven star hotels to shopping complexes, Emaar continues to rule the Indian real estate industry notwithstanding Emaar case.

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Buy Real Estate And Luxury Homes In Southern California

Buy Real Estate And Luxury Homes In Southern California



In recent years, the real estate market across the country has suffered greatly with the downturn in the economy. Southern California real estate is on a high. Southern California was not immune to the problems in the real estate market, including in the area of commercial real estate. However, according to a recent report by USC, with the strengthening of the economy in Southern California, there has been improvement in the market for office and industrial real estate.

USC\’s annual Casden office and industrial property forecast reports that the strengthening of the economy in Southern California real estate has allowed employers to increase workforces. We are few seconds away from you. The experts of this company will listen carefully what you want and then give you any suggestion. Stan Coleman has more than 30 years of experience of leading the executive management team in the corporate world as well as he was the head of the accounting team that handles multi-million dollar projects.


Despite the improving market, the author of the Casden report warns that even though office rents will stabilize in the coming months, a sustained recovery in the commercial real estate market could take several years. The author of the report points out that one way to decrease the office vacancy rate is to convert office space for other uses. Homes for Sale Southern California are becoming more in demand so finding the perfect deal for you can be difficult without more information and expert guidance.

The recent improvement in the real estate market affords owners, landlords and developers opportunities to structure more lucrative business arrangements than may have been available in recent years. Those involved in commercial real estate should make sure that they are aware of current market opportunities and trends. Look online for professionals to help you get the best deal out of Southern California Real Estate.

Southern California is seeing a definite up swing in the real estate market. Would-be investors are now becoming more and more eager to get in the game. The challenges are often knowledge and money. Let s address the money challenge. The solution is to associate yourself with a group of investors that has a solid track record and is actively buying real estate in your backyard. New Wealth Advisors Club (NWAC) has investors closing multiple deals (throughout Southern California) every month that rarely (if ever) use any of their own money or credit.

Thus, real house listing would assist you think of a well-versed decision related to the buying or selling a real-estate. However, prior to starting using a Homes for Sale Southern California, it could well be great to look at that the particular listing is published by a a pro agent and offers detailed details regarding each property, coming from condos, apartments to inshore and bungalows. Southern California is a traditional vacation spot but many more people are taking advantage of the homes available for sale. There are many benefits of living in California and include the context of careers, culture, entertainment, and recreational activities.

Get a home of your dream through for these websites

Southern California Real Estate


Homes for Sale Southern California


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Choosing Your Retirement Annuity: How Equity Indexed Annuities Can Help

Submitted by: Jonathanm Tyler

Equity indexed annuities are relatively new products to the market and offer the best of all world’s to the investor. These retirement annuities increase in value when the market rises but they don’t lose money if the market drops. Instead, they receive a fixed interest rate promised in the contract. While not all equity indexed annuities are ties to the same type of index, many use the S&P 500 as their benchmark.

There is a price for the investor to pay when they use this type of retirement annuity. Since the company takes all the risk, they also get some of the reward when the market rises. Often contracts vary in the amount of the market growth that the company gives to the owner of the annuity. These are the annuity’s participation rates. Some companies offer as high as ninety percent of the growth while others offer as little as fifty percent.

However, if you think that the ninety percent is always the best deal, think again. Often the contracts with the lowest percentage of market participation make up for the difference by offering a higher guaranteed interest rate. If your contract runs during periods of extended down markets, the lower participation rate may actually pay higher because of the number of years the product used the fixed rate to calculate the return.


If you look for indexed annuities see if they offer an annual reset option. The reset option is particularly good in a down market. Every year, the policy resets the amount as the base. In up markets, of course, the company locks in and credits your growth each year. In a down year, the company pays you the guaranteed rate, however, they reset the baseline so that when the market volley’s back, you reap the rewards.

Some companies use a point-to-point contract. Most of the time, the company calculates the growth from the day you started the contract to the day when the contract term ends. While it’s not as advantageous as the annual

Some of the equity indexed annuities have a cap to the percentage amount you can receive as a gain. If the policy has an eight percent cap then even if the market jumps 22 percent and the investor has a ninety percent share of the growth, the maximum return he receives is still only eight percent.

Most people use equity indexed annuities as deferred contract, but you can use an equity indexed annuity as an immediate annuity also. The difference between the two is the time when you take payment. On a deferred contract, you expect a payout later, or never in some cases and the funds go to a beneficiary. In an immediate annuity, you begin a stream of income right away. An immediate annuity is excellent for someone that wants payments for the rest of their life, no matter how long they survive.

Equity indexed annuities are good for those that want to keep up with inflation but still require safety. Make certain you check not only how the company calculates the return, but also how often they do it, in order to get the best policy.

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e see us to learn more about equity indexed annuities for your retirement.


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Brand New Book Gives Exceptional Suggestions About Finance Along With Investing

Brand-new Book Gives Exceptional Suggestions about Finance along with Investing



This book\’s concept \”Wealth Is often a Choice: The easiest way Wisely\” says all this. Wealth is often a choice. No one particular gets prosperous without starting the process of to accomplish that, whether it can be deciding to acquire a lottery priced or pragmatically planning retirement. One thing people needs to do is create conscious decisions that they may have wealth after which it set goals to achieve that wealth. Naturally, the goals have to be realistic, which in turn rules out and about the lottery. In \”Wealth Is often a Choice\” John Studinger supplies valuable suggestions for placing realistic ambitions based by himself experiences along with his decades of aiding his clientele increase his or her wealth.

Throughout \”Wealth Is often a Choice, \” Studinger corelates personal experiences-his child years in Manistique, Michigan, his being employed by a agency that made it easier for prison personnel with handling their profit the Marquette Side branch Prison, various firms she has worked pertaining to in Michigan, and instances of the clients she has helped growing their riches, as effectively as instances of clients who would not grow riches and precisely what held these people back. He in addition tells his very own story involving personally learning how to handle his income so he has not been in debts. He commenced writing \”Wealth Is often a Choice\” since he planned to leave the sons a new money highway map need to anything get lucky and him. That notion grew into the most effective books in money management We\’ve ever go through.

\”Wealth Is often a Choice\” shines for a lot of reasons. For starters, a lot I realize about income I figured out from Suze Orman. Her textbooks and television show are amazing about income management, but Orman or anything else focus mostly on the way to get out involving debt, and tips on how to save income by wasting less. Studinger references debt lightly, but they notes a large number of good textbooks already exist about them. His function is instead to help you us figure out how to grow each of our money, and that is what We\’ve most planned to learn. I\’m apparently one of several fortunate few in the united states not in financial trouble who has become good at conserving money. My need have been considering what about the income I save-how to speculate it, what you should invest the idea in, tips on how to know no matter whether an investment are going to be good as well as bad.


I get read textbooks about good funds along with stocks and tips on how to determine the ones will certainly grow. Almost all of it My spouse and i quickly forget about. What ended up being missing through the equation, and Studinger will be the only author I realize who features made this specific clear, is that this ultimate target is determine how much you\’ll want to retire, after which it to course your advancement regularly to that target.

One place Studinger insures extensively, which is not underestimated, will be the importance of obtaining a reliable counselor. He alerts us a large number of advisors sell clients products determined by how very much commission they may receive in lieu of what is the most suitable for you. He explains to us for you to ask analysts upfront what the main benefit is for many years, while reminding us even though one investment are going to pay off to the advisor over another, it will not mean many of us shouldn\’t find the investment that will aid the counselor more, we only also need to choose why is most sense for the investment requires. After most, advisors deserve to generate a good existing off his or her work provided these are giving his or her clients good advice. Studinger explains to us for you to ask about three basic concerns of analysts before we invest: What will be the rate involving return? What on earth is the threat? What will be the cost?

Beyond obtaining a good counselor, Studinger recommends we discover a good application that allows us to track each of our investments. We\’ve tried for you to track our investments by simply paper phrases, making spreadsheets and many others., but it can be tedious along with I never get caught up with it. A application sounds like ideal. Studinger\’s individual wealth operations firm, JPStudinger Class, provides plenty management option tool that may be web-based consequently clients could track his or her investments.

Really the only slight catch I see within this book include the examples involving wealthy clientele Studinger employs. The tastes them get significant incomes starting from $80, 000 every year and up. Most Americans will not have such incomes, so some may find this sort of numbers overwhelming. Unfortunately, it is those with such substantial incomes who probably will be perusing this book. On the other hand, the individual that makes $30, 000 12 months will obtain the advice given equally useful. Never allow the figures intimidate anyone. A model\’s current income doesn\’t need to ascertain whether someone contains the choice for being wealthy. As Studinger highlights, it\’s with regards to making very good choices while using money you\’ve got that could make the big difference.

\”Wealth Is often a Choice\” is surely an obvious to see book. Contrary to with a lot of investment textbooks, I certainly not once thought lost as well as confused. Studinger writes in a very straightforward fashion, and the honest suggestions leaves me without having doubt that they has your reader\’s best interests at cardiovascular. He features great cartoons during the entire book for you to illustrate the discussion, along with he employs effective analogies, including basketball offense along with defense along with archery anchorman points to acquire his things across. I feel male audience will especially be capable of relate for you to his examples and locate the suggestions practical.

Some people read with regards to money as well as tell them selves someday they may get his or her finances jointly. This e-book will invigorate people for this. Many audience, after filling out this e-book, will know that wealth is often a choice and turn into inspired to generate that alternative for them selves. I recognize \”Wealth Is often a Choice\” features encouraged me to examine my fiscal goals along with plan greater for retirement living.

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