The Pros And Cons Of Getting Your Mba Online

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Times today, most people would like to earn more than what theyre getting. Its only practical that they do. Some of them resort to sideline work to earn a little bit of extra. But there are others who decide to pursue a master of business administration or MBA degree.

There are a lot of opinions circulating on this matter. Some feel that once they have an MBA written on their curriculum vitae, it could bag them a better or higher paying job. While some feel that experience, not just education, is the key. These are the ones who prefer to have years in the workplace, rather than spend it in an academic institution.

So why not get the most out of both worlds right? Some enroll online for their MBA and they do this while they are working. Thats because they dont actually intend to transfer jobs. They just want to continue earning while they are pursuing an education that could provide a secure and more financially stable future.

Applying for an online MBA is also suggested to parents who stay at home most of the time to take care of the children and to manage the house. If you think about it, pursuing an MBA online is quite beneficial to the individual because he gets to do more without sacrificing much.

Come to think of it, MBAs are beneficial for those who have been employed for more than 3 to 4 years. There is truth to the belief that having experienced the working atmosphere, the employee knows better on the subject and not just those that are taught on paper.


Those who pursue MBA right after college are sometimes encouraged. But then realistically speaking, it is better if they do go out there in the real world first before they enroll themselves in another university.

When making a major decision in life such as pursuing an MBA online or not, its better to make a pros and cons list. We have provided you with such:


1. It will help you in staying competitive. An MBA gives the student an edge. If an employer is looking for someone to work under him, naturally he prefers someone who has an MBA. Another edge of applying online for an MBA helps you to gain experience in the work place and still learn more about businesses, marketing and other fiscal transactions in your free time. Thus, you are not in the losing end when you apply for a position you both have the education and the experience.

2. It doesnt matter if you pursued it online or not. Statistics show that those who have MBA degrees have high-paying positions in management. It also shows that they are getting higher salaries.

3. Obviously, pursuing an online degree, the advantage is that the student can be located anywhere in the world and that wouldnt be a problem whatsoever. The student interacts with the faculty through email. His schedule is under his own control. As long as he passes the requirements, then there wouldnt be any problem.


1. Online or not, pursuing an MBA is expensive. The irony is that those who usually go for MBA are people who need additional income. The reason why they need additional income is that they have a family to support. IF they would really want to sign up for a class, even if its online, they would have to really ponder on the matter whether they can shell out that much cash. How much would they gain from this investment?

2. Because there is no monitoring, the student tends to be lax when it comes to submitting papers and needed requirements. If there is no self-discipline, then this will not work.

3. As convenient as getting MBA online is to this modern world, there are still some successful and high-paying companies who prefer the traditional classroom set-up. That is something the student must also bear in mind.

If the person is determined to pursue an online MBA degree then he has to carefully look into the universities who offer the best and trusted accredited quality education. The University of Phoenix is one.

In the end, its always the persons choice. Also, thatever decision he comes up with, there would always be pros and cons, but then again, how can you gain something when you are not willing to invest?

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