Get Legal Help From A Construction Accident Attorney In Suffolk County Ny

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As a construction worker, you do all you can to stay safe on the job. Unfortunately, this line of work is one of the most dangerous and often leads to injuries. If you have become injured in a construction accident, you hold certain rights that cannot be taken from you. It is important you speak with a Construction Accident Attorney in Suffolk County NY, so you can learn about your rights and how a lawyer can help you. In this way, you can protect your rights and pursue the responsible party for your injuries and damages.What Steps Do You Need to Take After a Construction Accident?


When you are injured on the job, you need to first inform your immediate supervisor. Employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, so their employers are protected, should they become injured on the job. By informing your supervisor of your injury, this will start the process of you being able to receive your worker’s compensation benefits. First, you will be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing, to ensure these were not factors in your accident. You will also be required to see the doctor hired by your employer.

Unfortunately, the process for receiving compensation benefits can be confusing. Often, people are denied benefits they deserve. This is why it is important to get help from a Construction Accident Attorney in Suffolk County NY. They are experienced in working with these types of cases and can help you to get the benefits you deserve. In the event you receive a denial on your claim, they can file an appeal through the compensation appeals court, so full evidence can be admitted. This will allow the judge to make the decision in your case.

If you have been injured in a construction accident, contact an attorney right away. You will not be required to pay any fees unless you win your case. Through your attorney’s help, you can make sure your rights are protected, so your main focus can remain on your recovery. For more information.

Mark Kerrutt Of American Financial Group Is An Experienced Businessman

Mark Kerrutt of American Financial Group is an Experienced Businessman



Mark Kerrutt of American Financial Group has an experience of several years in the field of finance. American Financial Group, Inc. is the premier financial company in the United States. The company has been in business for over 18 years and has funded over $550 million in both loans and leases for the hospitality industry, restaurant franchises, dry cleaning industry, and other independent companies. The lender company has funded various hotel brands, such as Wyndham Hotel Group, Choice Hotels International, Best Western, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Hilton Worldwide, Vantage Hospitality Members, AAHOA Members, as well as other various Franchise Brands and Independent Companies.


Over the years, American Financial Group Inc has won the trust of their customers by providing excellent services with customer satisfaction as their top priority. The company offers lending solutions to businesses working in the hospitality industry. The clients of American Financial Group, Inc include various companies present in the hospitality industry. With quick approval times and competitive interest rates, American Financial Group Inc gives its customers loans up to $2 million. Whether it is a new construction, equipment upgrades, opening a new location, existing business acquisition or interior or exterior renovation, customers can get loans and funds for all these purposes and more through American Financial Group, Inc. The company has a virtually unlimited source of financing capabilities because of their vast funding network. They offer lending services from lenders of all sizes. With

Mark Kerrutt

, American Financial Group, Inc. has shows a proven track record for success when it comes to producing capital for their clients. The company offers powerful resources for their clients so that they can get funding for all their projects. The hotel owners that need to upgrade their properties to meet the franchise standards can also get suitable loans through AFG and install new and modern amenities in their facilities. Find out more about Mark Kerrutt and American Financial Group, Inc. by browsing through


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