The Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic Tattooing Or Permanent Makeup

By Rena Graham

Cosmetic tattoos or what is also called as permanent makeup is one method available to those who want to improve, repair or redefine certain facial features. There are varied reactions regarding this procedure, but before you agree with this or closing your doors entirely, here is a list of pros and cons to help you make a better decision.

The Pros of Cosmetic Tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos can give someone better definition on the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and lips. It makes these features pop out as it enhances their shape and color. Going further with this procedure, it can also be used to improve the appearance of the nipple and areola.

The procedure uses micro pigmentation technique which is very similar to cosmetic tattoo but is less uncomfortable. It has long been agreed to be a generally safe procedure that has produced numerous successful results.

It is also a perfect solution for those who doesn’t have the time or those who doesn’t like all the fuss when applying makeup. It can also be appropriate for older people who seem to have a hard time beautifying themselves due to poor eyesight and shaky hands.


Getting a permanent eyebrow tattoo can creates a better and appropriate shape that will saves you from all the trouble of plucking them until they become the arches that you desire. An eyeliner tattoo also adds character and emphasis to the eyes. Adding to this, a tattooed lip line or lipstick also defines and improves its shape, color and attractiveness. You can also wear that peachy look all year round by having some cheek tattoos which imitate the effects of a blush.

The use of cosmetic tattooing is not only limited for vanity reasons. It can also be a way of restoring or improving a person’s confidence and self-esteem after suffering from hair loss. Common reasons for this include certain health conditions, medications and treatments.

The Cons of Cosmetic Tattoos

The disadvantage to cosmetic tattooing is that although it is permanent, it can fade over time. So to maintain the appearance that it had at the beginning, frequent touch-ups would be necessary. The first would have to be done immediately a month after the procedure.

The risk for allergic reactions to the dye used can also be a problem, especially to those who are particularly sensitive to it.

Infection will also be another concern regarding this procedure especially when the equipment’s used are not properly sterilized. This is also the why you have to get your permanent makeup done in a surgical clinic instead of a typical tattoo parlor.

There is also a high chance that you might get uneven results, inappropriate color or that it could be too dark. This can be a painful problem because having it repaired or erased would take a more complicated process than putting them on. This is why it is very important that you only have your cosmetic tattoo procedure done by a skilled, experienced and trained cosmetic tattoo professional.

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