Hairstyle Tips For Women Wanting To Look Younger

By Sherry Brister

Wrinkles may be the badge of a life well lived, but nobody wants to actually look old. Fortunately, there are a number of hair style tips that can make a remarkable difference in your perceived age. The main thing is to flatter your skin tone and shape of your face, which is always essential to an attractive hair style. In this article I’ll discuss some fashionable hairstyles which can make you look years younger.

First of all, look at the contrast between your face and hair in some different light settings. It can be strange how different your hair and skin color can seem in sunlight compared to artificial light. So check your appearance while outside, in environments with florescent lighting such as grocery stores or offices, and in dimly-lit areas. Notice something? If your hair is a little too dark – even just a shade too dark – it can make you look older and more tired. It tends to bring out the color of the bags beneath your eyes, as well as any dark veins or spots on other areas of your skin. To correct this, consider lightening your hair several full shades. Alternatively, you could even get highlights, especially around the face. You’ll be amazed how much this will “lift” your look. Make sure to visit the salon regularly, however, because you don’t want your highlights to turn brassy.


Soft lines and soft volume are also important features of a more youthful look. A hairstyle which is very geometric can look wonderful on a young girl, because her neck and throat are still young. However, a very sharp and modern look will highlight the flaws on an older woman. Thus, try to achieve a soft shape in your hairstyle. If your hair is short & wispy, feminine pieces with plenty of volume will do the trick. If your hair is longer, consider short layers, especially near your face. This will add lots of movement and femininity. You’ll be pleased that such a small tweak can make such a big difference.

Bangs are also a fabulous way to make you look younger, as they can help camouflage furrowed brows and crow’s feet. Whether short, classic bangs or longer ones swept to the side, bangs can be very effective. You could even try different styles via clip-on bangs to find the style that you like. After all, bangs are notoriously awkward to grow out. If you get the right style for you, however, odds are that you’ll never go back. Long bangs add an element of mystery and sensuality, while bangs that are cut well above the eyebrows look smart and sassy. But again, beware of having a style that is too geometric. The contrast between sharp lines and a softer, sagging face can be unflattering.

Finally, a shorter hairstyle is an old standby for shaving years off your look. This is not to say you should run out the door and get a pixie cut, but you may consider cutting your hair to collarbone length, or even just above. Not only will this help you to look younger, but you will also save lots of time in terms of hair maintenance and styling.

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