About Doylestown Patch: A Reliable Source of Local News

The Doylestown Patch is a community-specific news, information and engagement network dedicated to providing comprehensive and trusted local coverage for residents of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Its hyperlocal focus takes community journalism to a new level by offering a platform where residents can discuss local news, events, school activities, sports and much more.

As a community platform, Doylestown Patch involves all aspects of community life. It blends professional journalism with community contributions to ensure the circulation of the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Community Policing

One noteworthy feature of the Patch platform is its coverage on local policing. The team at Doylestown Patch ensures that the town residents are well-informed about police activities occurring in the locality.

When you access Doylestown Patch, you ’ll notice informative posts on traffic reports, crime news, local issues and emergency services. Crime prevention is a collaborative effort, and an informed community makes a secure community.

Police activities are regularly updated on the platform. From road traffic information to important crime news, every detail is provided in a comprehensive, yet easily digestible format.

The Role of the ‘Police Check’

In terms of community safety, one element that deserves a special mention is the ‘police check’. A ‘police check’ refers to a detailed report of an individual’s criminal history prepared by the police.

By featuring the ‘police check’ in reports, Doylestown Patch is enhancing the public’s trust, as they can be assured that individuals in sensitive positions, such as school staff or community volunteers, have been properly vetted.

This move also provides transparency and gives residents peace of mind. Knowing that the local authorities are taking due diligence to keep the community secure, helps to foster a sense of trust towards them.

Emergency Services Coverage

Staying updated with the emergency services happenings in the community is integral to the overall safety and well-being of the Doylestown residents.

Whether it’s news about the fire department, injury accidents, health alerts, or emergency closures, Doylestown Patch has got it covered. The commitment of Doylestown Patch in providing community-specific, fast-paced news is indeed commendable.

Community Input

Besides professional journalism, Doylestown Patch also takes pride in its Community Corner, where locals share updates, announcements, and opinion pieces. This involvement helps to create a balanced and fully rounded representation of what’s happening around town.


Whether it’s the ‘police check’, emergency updates, school news, local events, or updates from the DelVal Farmer’s Market, Doylestown Patch is the go-to resource for anyone and everyone residing in or near Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

In today’s ceaseless information age, finding reliable and community-specific news sources is crucial. The Doylestown Patch significantly contributes to this cause by acting as a unified platform, providing comprehensive information that is pertinent to the community members.

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