10 Things That Men Find Sexy

10 Things That Men Find Sexy By Gian Fiero

Over the years I’ve had numerous conversations with my male friends about what they find sexy in a woman, and I’ve been keeping a running tab on the comments.

The list below, and its accompanying explanations, may surprise you. Remember, this is an aggregate list, presented in descending order, and derived from men with diverse personalities and backgrounds.

10. Physically attractiveThis is probably not a surprise. The surprise is that it’s number 10 on this list. Being physically attractive is apparently the golden ticket to enter the sexy girl’s club. How is “physically attractive” defined by men? The way that you probably think. Yes, it’s stereotypical; hip-to-waist ratio, girlish facial features, and symmetry (how well-proportioned a woman is). These physical qualities still reign supreme in an idealistic sense.

9. ApproachableIronically, the more physically attractive a woman is, the less she gets approached. Many beautiful and/or successful women will agree. It’s not that men prefer flawed women, they are just more comfortable approaching a woman who does not appear to be “perfect,” and thus; may be more receptive to them…and their flaws.

8. Cool personalityWhile it’s true that men grow up wanting the cheerleader/model/stripper, they also appreciate the “girl next door,” who has wholesome, down-to-earth qualities. While spending time with her may feel like time spent with “one of the guys,” she will always reminds us that she’s a woman – and a sexy one at that.

7. Open-mindedThere are several reasons why men want a woman to be open-minded. The first is that it means she will entertain different ideas and perspectives which could go a long way toward building and maintaining a relationship. It also means that she may consider a threesome – no matter how remote of a possibility.

6. CompetitiveWomen are competitive with each other when they are single. They need to retain that same competitive spirit while in a relationship. The type of competitiveness that men find sexy is when our women can identify another sexy woman, and best her sexiness. In other words, know what we find sexy about another woman and emulate it.

5. ConfidentBeing with an insecure woman is like being in a boat with a slow leak; eventually it will fill with water and sink. So will the relationships that men try to have with such women. Men find confidence sexy – especially in the bedroom.

4. Good hygieneSexiness is healthiness. It’s also cleanliness. From clean smelling hair and breath, to every crevice of a woman’s body. Extremities should be clean and edible during intimate moments, and scents should arouse and endear.

3. OrgasmicSimply put: nothing is more intoxicating to a man than the vivid memory of his orgasmic lover during his last sexual interlude…except the interlude he’s going to have with her in the next 30 minutes. Women who know how – and expect – to have orgasms during each sexual encounter are placed in our sexual hall of fame, where they can only be displaced by…a woman who is more orgasmic.

2. Strong sex driveConsidering that most men feel that women don’t want sex as much as they do, it only makes sense that women who want sex would be second on this list. For a man, a woman who likes sex, is sexy. A woman who likes sex and wants it frequently, is a keeper.

1. Comfortable with her sexualityA woman who is comfortable with her sexuality tends to be comfortable with all things sexual. She can discuss sexual desires, experiences, and needs. She has rare, sexual enthusiasm and is not concerned with her man’s past lovers because she is competitive (see number 6).

In fact, she feels sexy all by herself, but she loves the sexual attention that her man gives her, and her man loves the fact that she does not have sexual hang-ups. She’s comfortable making love in a bed, or having sex in a car, and she’s not interested in having a philosophical discussion about the differences between the two.

She is sexy as hell, and her man loves her more because of it.

Gian Fiero is an educator, speaker and consultant who specializes in business development, career planning, and personal growth issues.

3 Reasons To Consider Introducing Your Child To Modeling

Child modeling can be a controversial dinner conversation. Some parents are okay with it; others aren’t. Yet, most would probably agree that our catalogues, retail store displays, and Sunday paper inserts would be a bit less effective (and interesting) without children modeling the products.If you’re interested in learning more about getting your child started with modeling, first check out the following reasons it might work well for you and your child in the first place.Your Child Has “The Look”This one is tricky, because different modeling agencies – and companies in seek of child models – look for different kinds of “looks.” Children are beautiful, and every child has something to offer. Sometimes it just boils down to the timing of the agency’s or the company’s particular needs.However, if your child is especially photogenic or seems especially comfortable in front of cameras (see below), you might want to consider learning more about getting him or her into child modeling.Your Child Is Comfortable In The LimelightChildren are generally much more honest than are adults, and many young children are also much more comfortable with themselves. If a child enjoys performing in any capacity, chances are he or she isn’t shy about communicating that and does so without any prior encouragement. Parents of these kinds of outgoing children are well aware of their children’s abilities, and might want to learn more about and talk with their children about modeling. Child modeling is an excellent creative outlet for extrovert kids that can help them learn discipline, how to hone their talents, and even whether or not they want to pursue this path or explore other avenues. Your Child Needs A College FundObviously money shouldn’t be the only reason to introduce your child to modeling. Parents who trying to create modeling careers for their children with the sole purpose of making money or “getting rich” in mind are just asking for trouble. However, if you believe your son or daughter is well suited for child modeling – for example, your child has the look companies want and he or she is clearly comfortable posing or performing for others – the financial benefits are a serious perk.The money your child makes while modeling can help:

  • Pay for any future interests your child might have such as dancing, acting, or art classes.
  • Teach your child the value of money and how to manage it. Depending on your kid’s age, you might want to provide him or her with monitored access to the money so your child can learn how to shop for the things he or she needs (such as clothing and school supplies) and save for the things he or she wants (like toys or pets).
  • Cover expenses associated with your child’s future vehicle. If you think your child will have a vehicle once he or she is old enough to drive, this money can go toward saving for the purchase as well as covering the cost of maintenance.
  • Fund your child’s college education – and everything that accompanies it! Even if your child receives scholarships, grants, and loans for college, the money he or she earns during the child modeling years can help pay for new clothes, travel expenses, dorm room necessities, and even rent.

Remember that this money is your child’s money. As a parent, you should help your child manage his or her budget, but ultimately the money is for your child’s benefit.