Setting Up Guidelines For Virtual Assistants

Submitted by: Florie Masarate

It cannot be denied that the initial start of working with a virtual assistant can be stressing. This is because you have to adjust to working with someone not anywhere near you. In addition, there is always that doubt that the person may not work out as effectively as employees that are there in the same office as you.

Those who have hired the services of virtual assistants can attest that having one has more advantages than disadvantages. The secret to all these is setting up some policies in order to avoid problems in the process of working with the assistant.

What are some of the guidelines that you have to set in order for the virtual assistant service to be hassle-free?

1. Work Location and Equipment.

Virtual assistants are just like regular employees that need office space and equipments. In the initial collaboration with the assistant, check if there is an adequate office space provided for the assistant to go about work effectively and efficiently.

Check also if they are provided with the equipments needed to communicate with you and to do certain tasks given. Most of the companies that provide virtual assistant services asks for the requirement that the client need in order for them to facilitate the equipment provision.


2. Software.

Virtual assistants use state-of-the-art equipments to standardize operations so that file documentary and transfer will be compatible with yours. By using specialized software, you only have to upload and download files instead of having to fax or mail them over.

You can provide the assistant with the software you wish to use. Other means of doing it is for the assistant to find one which he or she is comfortable with. Most of the software is easy to learn and understand. So learning how to use one would not be a problem for both of you and the assistant.

3. Accessibility.

The thing with working with an assistant is to be able to adjust work times and schedules which will suit the both of you best. There are clients that require their virtual assistants to work in their local time. And there are also those are amenable to working flexible times as long as the work is done.

Not being on the same time zone should not hinder you from getting the services of virtual assistants. Both of you are professional workers. By talking everything over, you and your assistant can work up a work schedule that you will find comfortable.

4. Work Outputs.

The best way to check how a virtual assistant go about his or her daily task is through the submission of task sheets. These are reports that are emailed to you on a daily basis.

The report should include the number of hours that the assistant spent on doing tasks assigned. It is also a good idea to ask them to place feedbacks or problems encountered on the time sheet.

Time sheets can help determine how effective or ineffective an assistant is. This is also a way of determining what tasks should be prioritized and what should be set aside for other days.

5. Communication.

This is the most important policy that should be set between client and agent. Constant communication will mean that the client and agent should be available in case there are things to clarify and discuss about.

Regular and effective communication will mean that issues will be cleared and work operation will go smoothly and on schedule.

Set up these guidelines from the start of working with the virtual assistant. These may just be words but they are the words that will bind you and your assistant into an effective and harmonious working relationship.

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