How To Upgrade Your Own Laptop For Under $175}

How To Upgrade Your Own Laptop For Under $175


Erick Charles

Do you have an old laptop lying around just collecting dust that for whatever reason, you no longer use? It just seems so antiquated, and slow. All you want to do is get rid of it. The hard drive is too small, and the memory sucks, plus you’re already planning on getting a sweet newer laptop.

I was in the same predicament. I have a 2 and half year old Compaq Presario 2500 that’s seen better days. I was thinking of giving it away, or putting it to sleep in favor of a newer laptop. It was my workhorse for the longest time, and had seen some serious abuse and usage. I was ready to put it to sleep and move on when I decided to refurbish, and upgrade it.


Just like I did, you may not have to get rid of that old laptop just yet. I’m going to show you how I breathed some some new life into my old laptop, and I did it for under $175. Consider this a perfect time to polish off your tech skills. I will show you how I upgraded my laptop, and how you can too.

Unlike a PC, there are only a few components that can be easily upgraded in a laptop. The main 2 are the hard drive, and the memory. If you were skillful enough, you could replace the motherboard, and if you knew how to solder, then you could possibly fiddle with the processor as well, but we’ll work under the assumption that this is beyond your knowledge.

You won’t need any fancy tools to upgrade your laptop. All you’ll really need is a jeweler’s screwdriver set which you can get for under $10 from any hobby store.

Before you begin handling any of the internal components, make sure your laptop is turned off, and that you remove the battery. There’s no sense in getting shocked. Also, make sure to get rid of any residual static electricity by touching the chassis before you dive in.

I went to my favorite online hardware store,, for my upgrade purchasing. I go to that website because it’s loaded with every type of computer hardware under the sun, and they have the best deals I’ve found. I had to really focus on the task at hand because once there, I’m like a kid in a candy store.

The hard drive is relatively easy to get to and replace on most laptops. However, I still had to check my laptop’s user manual for hard drive removal instructions. Originally, my laptop had come with a 40GB hard drive, but I wanted to double that. I found an 80GB Western Digital Scorpio hard drive at , and for only 80. 99, this is the one I went with.

Next came the memory. Originally, my laptop came with a paltry 256MB of RAM. I wanted at least 1GB because my laptop had been moving glacially slow. I’m not sure how I dealt with it for all those years. Please note, that not all laptops can support a memory upgrade so you should make sure yours can before you buy anything.

To see if mine could, I went to You can go there too and see how much RAM your laptop can support. Fortunately, the Compaq Presario 2500 can support 1 GB so I went with two 512MB Corsair memory sticks, which I got from NewEgg for only $45.99 each.

Once I had the hard drive and the memory installed, I re-loaded the operating system, and all the drivers. The whole process from start to finish (after I had the components shipped to me) took about 45 minutes, and now I have a laptop that behaves like new but cost me only $172. 97. Considering a new laptop with equal components would have cost me between $700-$900, I think I did pretty good, and you will too. Just follow this simple guide and you can save yourself hundreds of dollars while extending the life of that old laptop of yours.

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How To Upgrade Your Own Laptop For Under $175 }

Manhood Health Can Be Fun With Homemade Toys}

Manhood Health Can Be Fun with Homemade Toys


John Dugan

Looking for a way to spice up good male organ care? A man who wants to make the most of his manhood health but also wants to get a little adventurous can do so very easily with a variety of homemade sensual toys. These toys specifically, the quite popular member ring can be made with things lying around the house, or even with a quick trip to the store for a discreet purchase that wont embarrass a man at all. Heres how its done.

What are some ways to create member rings?

Many men are nervous about going to the adult toy store to purchase member rings, and might even have some reservations about buying one online. On the other hand, it might be a more practical consideration why spend so much money on something when hes not sure he will enjoy it? Therefore, starting out with a homemade version gives a guy an opportunity to decide if the nicer, real version is worth the expense.


Here are some inexpensive, easy ways to create member rings at home.

Strings of all sorts. Simply tie a string around the male organ and sacks, such as a long shoelace, a strip of ribbon or even a length of very soft rope. Make sure to create a quick-release knot so it can be removed with no hassle when the deed is done.

Plumbers rings. The hardware store has numerous options for plumbers rings, which come in a huge variety of sizes. Choose one that wont be too tight, keeping in mind the size of the male organ when it gets hard. Always go with plastic, rather than metal, just in case it gets stuck (more on that in a minute).

Hair ties. A simple hair tie or scrunchie tie can make for a wonderful member ring. Men who have long hair or a partner with long hair will likely have some hair ties lying around. These stretchy, elastic ties can be used to fit around the male organ, sacks or both.

Rubber bands. Though these might work well for an impromptu member ring, a guy must remember that a rubber band stretched too tightly is likely to break and when it snaps against his sensitive nether regions, thats not a good time.

Rubber bracelets. These bracelets are all the rage and can be found at most stores, are given away at charity events, etc. Some of them are the perfect size to pull a mans male organ and sacks through the opening.

Tips for using a homemade member ring

When using a homemade member ring, its important to keep a few things in mind. For the best manhood health possible, always use lubrication lube will help ensure a mans adventures wont result in soreness or abrasions from the ring. He should also be very careful not to use the ring for a limited time, as leaving it on too long can lead to male organ problems. If a man does find that removing the member ring is really difficult, he can use copious amounts of lube and patience to help but if the ring is well and truly stuck, he will need to visit the emergency room to have it removed.

After the play is over, a guy should take care to ease any soreness the male organ might have suffered. This can be achieved with a high-quality manhood health crme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A crme that contains L-carnitine can be especially helpful, as it helps protect against peripheral nerve damage that can result from too much handling. Shea butter and vitamin E are also a great idea, as they soothe overworked skin and keep manhood health at the optimum level.

Visit for additional information on most common manhood health issues, tips on improving member sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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