A Day In The Life Of A Superyacht Captain

A day in the life of a superyacht captain


Stuart Carter

I love my work. I am a superyacht captain.

I often get asked whether being a superyacht captain is really as glamorous as it sounds. And my answer is always “yes” and “no”. Yes, being a superyacht captain can be a glamorous life style as you see the world in a very high standard of living. But being a superyacht captain is also a lot of responsibility and hard work. Sure a superyacht captain can be well paid, but the responsibility is enormous.


A superyacht captain, is always on duty or on call. There is never total down-time when I am captain of a client’s superyacht. Responsibility doesn’t sleep!

Being a superyacht captain means I am always on duty to be called if a situation arises – 24 hours of the day. Delivering a superyacht there are three navigational watches in charge of the bridge four hours on, eight hours off, however as superyacht captain, I leave standard orders to be called if any navigational watch-keeper feels there is a problem.

Being a superyacht captain involves more than just navigating, of course. As a superyacht captain, my days are varied. I plan the shifts for all crew onboard, including myself, oversee superyacht maintenance, plan routes, solve problems and complete paperwork.

Time spent at the bridge really depends on the itinerary of the particular superyacht.

It depends on how often the superyacht is used by the owner. Each superyacht is different. Some are very busy, some aren’t.

When I’m not out on the ocean, I am managing the superyacht and crew. It’s also the superyacht captain’s role to undertake maintenance of the vessel to keep the superyacht at 100% high standard, ready to go at any stage.

As a superyacht captain, I have seen so much of the world: Asia, the Med., the French Riveria, Italy, the Greek islands, the Caribbean and the South Pacific – they all offer scenic beauty and challenges to a superyacht captain!

There are a lot of very good opportunities for superyacht captains, but being a superyacht captain isn’t all smooth sailing. It’s a hugely rewarding series of triumphs and challenges whether at sea or in port!

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A day in the life of a superyacht captain

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Shop online Inglot beauty products in India


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