Hippie Era Strikes Back: The Essentials Of A Hippie Shop

For lovers of the free-spirited, non-conforming, and colorful world of the 60s and 70s, a Hippie shop is more than just a shopping destination. It’s a culture, a way of life, an antidote to the fast-paced, consumerist society that we inhabit. It’s where you go to find unique and handmade products, clothes, and accessories that express your individuality and align with your holistic lifestyle. If you’re curious about entering this universe and getting to know what to find in such a shop, this article will guide you on a magical journey.

The Birth of Hippie Culture

Hippie culture emerged in the mid-1960s as a youthful rebellion against the established norms of society. It advocated peace, love, and harmony, and rejected consumerism and the materialistic values of the modern world in favor of simpler, more natural ways of living. Hippie culture also introduced a unique, vibrant style that referenced numerous global influences and was replete with bright, dynamic colors, organic patterns, and folkloric elements.

The Hippie Shop: A Portal to Bohemian Aesthetics

The heart of a Hippie shop pulses with the rich, eclectic aesthetics that characterize the bohemian lifestyle. Scour the shelves and displays, and you’ll uncover a treasure of boho fashion — bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye shirts, flowing maxi dresses, and peasant blouses. Accessorize with peace sign pendants, feathered earrings, leather fringe bags, and multi-coloured beaded bracelets. And don’t forget the iconic headbands, bandanas, woven hats, and flower crowns — staples of the Hippie identity.

More than Fashion: A Holistic Hippie Experience

A Hippie shop doesn’t just stop at offering clothing and accessories. It’s a doorway to a holistic experience. You’ll stumble upon incense sticks and essential oils that envelop you with soothing, earthly fragrances. It’s not unfamiliar to find recordings of calming, psychedelia-inspired music or spiritual books and crystals to deepen your spiritual connection. Vintage posters, dream catchers, macramé wall hangings grace the shelves, intended to transform your living spaces into tranquil, bohemian retreats.

An Embrace of Natural and Ethical Practices

Many Hippie shops are renowned for embracing environmental friendliness and ethical sourcing in their business practices. Expect to find products made from organic cotton, hemp, and other sustainable materials. Part of their charm also lies in the predominance of handcrafted goods that support local artisans and uphold traditional crafts.

Rise of the Online Hippie Shop

With the digital revolution, the Hippie shop has made a successful leap online. Now you can explore these enchanting corners of the world at your fingertips. Forefront in this trend is WhiteBohemian, an online store that captures all the earthy, artistic charm of Hippie culture, while allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home.


A Hippie shop is, thus, much more than a retail store. It’s a vibrant testament to a time of counterculture and rebellion, a reflection of a lifestyle choice that promotes peace, love, and harmony with nature. Whether you are an old-school hippie, a modern-day bohemian, or just a curious visitor, you are surely going to find something that steals your heart in a Hippie shop.