Preparation For The Reception Of A Newborn Baby

Submitted by: Christopher Hales

Preparing for the arrival of a baby into your home may either be joyous or stressful. Newborn babies require attention of the highest standard. Proper planning is essential when preparing for their arrival. This is because it reduces the eleventh hour hassles of trying to complete everything at once. You can start purchasing the baby’s items during the early stages of pregnancy. This may take you a couple of months to accomplish. Before you embark on buying these items, you must know what you’ll need for a newborn baby. Familiarising yourself with all the baby’s needs enables you budget well.

The following is a list of items that should be in place for the arrival of the newborn baby.

Bottles and Breast Pumps

Bottles are items that should not be missed in your list of a newborn baby’s items. Ensure you buy enough of them. Feeding bottles are available in many forms. Remember to check on the ones that are collapsible, have disposable bottle liners, and keep the nipple filled with liquid. They should not allow air to flow into them. Breast pumps will help store milk whenever you are away from your baby.



It is always advisable to have your small baby sleep beside you in your bedroom. A bassinet is a perfect item for this situation. Ensure that you have the blankets that are warmer and softer than ordinary ones so as to keep your baby warm. The bedding for the bassinet should be fitting into it and also easily removable.

Nappies and Nappy Bag

Make sure you purchase nappies that fit the baby well. Having a good number of them will be to your advantage. The market offers nappies that are reusable and disposable. You can combine them both or decide on one type. The nappy bag will be used to store the nappies and other essentials.


Clothing comprises of a variety of items that help to keep your child warm, comfortable and clean. These are things like the bibs, socks, t-shirts, hats, vests, baby suits, snow coats, scratch mittens and booties.

Baby Soaps, Sterilizers, Baby Powders and Baby Lotions

Baby soaps, sterilisers, baby powders and baby lotions are what you have to buy before your baby arrives. The sterilisers have to be in your list for they are used in cleaning the baby’s items. Baby powder is necessary in avoiding rashes. On the other hand, baby lotions help in maintaining soft skin of the baby.

Stroller, Nightlight, Car Seat And Rocking Chai

Strollers are mostly used in carrying babies in public places, especially during strolling. A nightlight helps in attending to the baby at night in cases of power outages. A rocking chair is useful when it comes to feeding the baby and also rocking the baby to sleep.

Hair Brush, Nail Clippers, Lullaby Music and Thermomete

The hair brush and clippers help in grooming the baby. The thermometer helps in checking the baby’s temperature while lullaby music helps in soothing the baby, especially when you want it to sleep.

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