Some Ways To Distinguish Authentic Nike Sb Sneakers From Counterfeit Ones

Some Ways to Distinguish Authentic Nike SB Sneakers From Counterfeit Ones


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You may feel surprised to see two types of shoes appear on the screen when you input \”Nike Dunk\” and \”Nike SB\” into the Internet. How to explain this situation? Actually, there are some differences between the two types. for a Nike fan, he or she would easily find the differences. If you like Nike SB, wanting to buy Nike SB shoes, nevertheless, you do not know the ways to get real ones, then this article may be helpful.

Nike SB, in fact, a style under Nike Dunk brand. However, there are many differences between them and the common Nike Dunk shoes. Here SB is an abbreviation of skateboarding. Nike SB shoes are initially created for the young people who like engaging into skateboarding sport. For the general Nike shoes, their friction is not enough to fit the skate board. Thus new shoes have to be introduced by Nike Company to meet this requirement.

The unique design of Nike SB shoes makes it possible to hence the centrifugal force between soles and skate board and ensures the stability of the wearers. Additionally, Nike Dunk SB shoes offer customers many kinds of styles and colors. You may find it hard to get the authentic Nike SB shoes at a good price. Yet there is still a way. That is, find the skateboarding stores, and buy Nike SB shoes here, you would be satisfied with the price. Anyhow, the first thing is to get real Nike SB shoes.


Yet it is a little annoying to go shopping in hot days. A convenient way to get a pair of Nike SB shoes is to buy them through Internet. Before, in authorized retailers, the Nike SB Dunk shoes are sold at no more than $100; while nowadays, more and more people want to buy them, in this situation, the price is higher, about more than $1,000. In this situation, some fake Nike SB Dunks appear, thus you should know some ways to judge whether the Nike SB Dunk shoes that you are going to buy are authentic or not.

First, examine the packing box for the Nike SB Dunks. The first and second series of Nike SB Dunks are put in an orange box, and the third series, a silver box with a green label. An orange label appears together with a silver box or a pink box and a black label is matching with a pink box, a purple box as well as a black one. The box with the color assortment which doesn\’t belong to the above ones show that the Nike SB Dunks are counterfeits.

Then, take out the shoes from the box. You will see a clear plastic bag together with the shoes. This bag is resealable, in addition, inside it; there are spare laces for Nike SB Dunk shoes. The bag for authentic Nike SB Dunks should be 7.5 cm in width and 13.5 cm in height.

The next step is to check the spare laces in the bag. Comparing with the laces of the Nike SB Dunks in the box, if the color is the same with that of the spare ones, then these shoes may be fake.

In order to enjoy yourself into skateboarding, the choice of Nike SB shoes is a key. Thus, sharpen your eyes, and make wise choices.

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