Things To Keep In Mind Before Rhinoplasty

Things to Keep In Mind before Rhinoplasty


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One of the most popular and high-impact cosmetic surgeries today is rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. This procedure can balance out a person s facial features, allowing bumps and bulbous tips to be removed, and wide and deviated nostrils to be corrected. The procedure can also help in improving a person s breathing by improving the nasal passages or by removing obstructions.

Before one goes through this procedure, it helps to know and accept some of its realities. To begin with, it must be emphasized that cosmetic surgery will not make you look perfect; the perfect human body has yet to come into existence. This means that there is a chance that you can still have imperfections on your nose even after your rhinoplasty.

And that s perfectly alright. As long as none of your nostrils collapses and your breathing is fine, it s best not to have multiple surgeries performed on your nose. Too many nasal surgeries can make your nose s appearance and function take a turn for the worse.


You also have to keep in mind that you may not look your best during the recovery period. According to

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, your nose will be in a splint for a week, and that you can also experience bruising around your eyes, from the disturbed nerve endings. Aside from splints, your nose may also be protected by bandages, tapes, and stents.

You shouldn t worry, however, as the bandages come off in a week. They re just there to keep the nose area protected until it sets and starts to heal. While you re recovering, you may feel some pain or none at all, depending on your tolerance for pain and how religiously you take your medication. While levels of discomfort may vary with every patient,

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recommend that medication should be taken regularly.

While some patients are unable to wait to have the bandages removed and see their newly-improved noses, seeing the newly-operated nose for the first time may cause some feeling of mild dysmorphia. However, the feeling wears off as soon as the patient adjusts to the appearance of his or her nose.

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say that feelings of pleasure and happiness shortly take over, as the success rate for nose surgeries is high.

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