Spectacular Romantic Getaways: Vacations Near Dallas

By Marcia Drewitz

As any relationship guru will tell you, the best way to rekindle the dwindling fire of an otherwise successful relationship is to spend more time together. Quality time, that is! One of the most rewarding ways to do so is in a romantic, natural setting. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you are in luck! You live less than a three-hour drive away from one of the most beautiful romantic getaway spots in the country: McCurtain County, Oklahoma. This is the home of Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake.

There is a big difference between typical vacations and romantic getaways. Vacations tend to be about “doing” – including sightseeing, eating, playing sports, and even shopping. Of course, romantic getaways can include all of these activities as well, but the focus tends to be less on the “doing” part and more on the two of you “being” together. And what better place to be together than in a locale voted by LIFE magazine as one of the “100 Places to See in Your Lifetime?”

Romance is alive in McCurtain County – in part because of the astounding natural beauty to be found here. The Ouachita Mountains provide just one of the breathtaking backdrops to be found in this place of immense natural beauty. This is the setting for casual strolls through pine forests amidst rivers and lakes that are bound to spark the kinds of lazy, meandering conversations that keep the fire of your relationship burning strong.

Running through this area are many gorgeous bodies of water, including the Broken Bow, Mountain Fork, Poteau, Upper Kiamichi, and the Little. They provide endless recreational opportunities, including paddle boating, water skiing, swimming, canoeing and even parasailing. But, most of all, they provide you and your special someone with a setting in which to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life in the Dallas/Fort Worth (the Metroplex) area. In McCurtain County, you can really get to know one another again.

Here are 7 ways to enjoy a romantic visit to McCurtain County:

1. Have a picnic under the trees:


McCurtain County has some of the most beautiful forests and wildlife areas in the United States. You and your partner can enjoy a picnic in nature while you rekindle your relationship in a refreshing, natural setting.

2. Stop at a local restaurant:

The park’s onsite restaurant offers you the opportunity to eat lunch on its outdoor deck while you engage in people-watching, enjoying the wildlife, or just seeing a new side of your special someone in a unique setting.

3. Enjoy a romantic evening in front of the fireplace:

The McCurtain County area offers a range of cabin options for romantic visitors, including a selection of luxury cabins. This is the chance for the two of you to spend time cuddling in front of the fireplace while talking about the day’s events or weaving plans for your dream future together. Or enjoying the relaxing benefits of a hot tub.

4. Hike hand-in-hand:

Taking a hike along the Mountain Fork river and Broken Bow Lake is a spectacular way to enjoy each other’s company while you explore nature together.

5. Sit on the porch and watch the (wildlife) go by:

The great thing about sitting outside on the porch in your McCurtain County cabin with your special someone is that there isn’t much to see or hear – apart from some of the most beautiful greenery and wildlife to be found anywhere in the country, that is. With the lack of traffic, neighbors, and city noise, the refreshing silence can be enjoyed with a special glass of wine. We expect you will catch on quickly to the slower pace that makes getting closer to him or her so easy.

6. Cook together:

Whether the two of you are seasoned chefs or are challenged just trying to heat a frozen pizza, there is nothing more romantic than cooking a dinner in a cabin together. No interruptions, no phone calls – just an open cookbook, a grocery bag or two full of ingredients, and the joy of tasting the fruits of your labors.

7. Stop in Idabel for an organic treat:

On your way to and from McCurtain County, stop by the town of Idabel and the nearby Honey Bear Ranch where together you can shop for delicious organic foods and other snacks.

For a romantic getaway idea that is less than a half-tank of gas away from Dallas/Fort Worth, grab that special guy or gal in your life, get on the road and escape to another world that is closer than you think.

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